User-Centric Design Is Also Ad-Centric Design For ESPN believes less is more when it comes to digital design (and I’d tend to agree). According to The New York Times, the sports site is about to go a major design overhaul. Currently, sports fans are greeted by “intense coverage of every major sport from the get-go.” John Skipper, ESPN’s executive vice president for […]

Man Behind The “O”

Steven Heller of New York Times spoke to Sol Sender, the Chicago designer responsible for the now iconic “O” mark used by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. We were excited to work on the logo and energized by the prospect of Mr. Obama’s campaign. However, we didn’t pursue or develop the work because we were motivated […]

Wii Shakes Things Up

This ad offers a little something different when viewed on YouTube. [via Tim Brunelle]

You May Be A Socialite With A Long String Of Pearls, But You’re Gonna Have To Serve Somebody

Valleywag is pointing to a 2006 article by Adrian Holovaty that addresses the design limitations newspapers are facing online. Holovaty argues for a data structure that is more user-centric. …say a newspaper has written a story about a local fire. Being able to read that story on a cell phone is fine and dandy. Hooray, […]

Wall Street Has A New Look. So Does Its Newspaper of Record.

The online version of The Wall Street Journal has a new look as of today, care of Sapient. “The redesign is a crucial moment in the e-evolution of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones,” said Robert Thomson, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal and editor-in-chief of Dow Jones & Company. “We will be […]

Designer-Songwriter Makes Would Be Virals

Matt Maxwell, aka, Design Minstrel is writing and performing songs about design. Here’s a lyric from the song posted above: When it arrives in cardboard cover I can’t wait to discover For a spread to-say I got published in CA While I can’t say the performance is riveting, the lyrics are certainly on point for […] Is Now Delicious

I just made a post to Delicious, but before I could I had to log in, which was odd. Now I know why. The site has been overhauled and it’s looking good. According to their blog, the new Delicious is just like the old, only faster, easier to learn, and hopefully more delightful to […]

How To Tell If An Idea Is Any Good

[via designer, Frank Chimero]

Real Mad Man Looks Back

Designer William Drenttel, a founding editor at Design Observer, discusses his pre-design background as a “Mad Man.” When I started at Compton, account executives on Procter & Gamble generally had MBAs from Penn, Columbia or Dartmouth. We were white and generally male. We bought our (white) shirts at one of three places: Brooks Brothers, J.Press […]

Battle of the Human Billboards

Rob Walker points to an interesting response to the above t-shirt.