It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me

Chicago Tribune reports that 48% of teenagers bought no CDs at all in 2007, up from 38% in 2006. Rachel Rottman, 14, says she hasn’t bought a CD in a year. The Santa Monica High School freshman says she downloads five or six songs a day, using paid services such as iTunes and social networking […]

Designing Customer Experiences

According to Ad Age, IPG is looking to connect with consumers in new ways. Former Ogilvy & Mather design guru Brian Collins is joining Interpublic Group of Cos., where he’ll run a stand-alone unit focused on making consumers’ experiences with products a more primary part of the marketing mix. The New York-based firm, called Collins, […]

Pepsi Meets The Diversity Challenge

Facing South, a blog from the Institute of Southern Studies in Durham, NC, points to a book by Wall Street Journal editor Stephanie Capparell. According to the book’s publisher, The Real Pepsi Challenge: The Inspirational Story of Breaking the Color Barrier in American Business, is at once “a straightforward business book about the birth of […]

Pitching Boomers With A Bus

If you’re an aging hippie with a bunch of money, Bank of America wants to hold your hand. According to The New York Times, B of A paid $3.3 billion for U.S. Trust, a storied institution whose clients have included Rockefellers, Astors and Vanderbilts. This new $25 million campaign by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos is […]

1% Alcohol, Tons of B.S.

Since when did beer become like deordorant and marketed to one sex or the other? I know Coors Light is all about it, and others, but the trend is getting weirder and that’s rarely good for the beer, or those drinking it. The August 2007 Trend Briefing from looks at various attempts by brewers […]

Keep Cool With Cold Light

As an adult beverage marketer intent on “owning cold,” it’s best to have some solid data to back up your strategy. Come in with some proof that cold matters. According to The Denver Post, Golden’s largest brewer has this data in hand. A Coors Light survey of more than 1,500 men ages 21 to 44 […]

Word of the Day: Granularity

In a Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) article about brands’ success with behavioral targeting, this little gem popped out. “We’ve never been able to get to this level of granularity,” says John Vail, director of the interactive marketing group at Pepsi-Cola North America. I know what granular means. It means powdery. As for this […]

Get More Out Of New York. Move to New Jersey.

The dream of home ownership is scaled back considerably for those Americans who chose Manhattan as their residence. Just how far that vision is scaled back is revealed in a new campaign from Woods Witt Dealy & Sons for real estate developer Newport Associates Development. Newport Associates highlights a typical young couple with child who […]

Our Hunger For Baked Goods

Today’s New York Times “Sunday Styles” section explores the rise of high end bakeries in Los Angeles. To understand how a culture moves full speed from fear of carbs and sugar to the need for indulgence, the Times reporter turns to cultural anthropologist, Grant McCracken and food critic Jonathan Gold for answers. Blame it on […]

Culture Made In China

Aric Chen writing for Fast Company looks at the emergence of China’s creative class. China is building a creative infrastructure at breakneck speed. You can sense it in the trendy restaurants and slick boutiques popping up in major cities–and in the gritty ex-warehouse and factory districts where imagination-driven companies are joining the cafĂ©s and art […]