Where Women Click

Glam.com, with lead articles like “How to Get Bouncy Curls,” “Who Should Prince William Date Now?” and “Chatting with Nanette Lepore” is the second most visited community website by women, after iVillage. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) Glam Media is a favorite of online media buyers. Glam Media is one of […]

Cranky Gets Crankin’

USA Today reports on a new search engine designed to appeal to users that did not grow up on the web. Does surfing the Web exhaust — and even exasperate — older people? The backers of Cranky.com are betting on it. Cranky is a specialty search engine designed to please aging baby boomers by processing […]

Men Are Men Again

Scotsman.com says the Metrosexual trend is fading away while a new more manly trend is emerging. In recent years many men have ditched their expensive power tools for even more expensive moisturiser, and some blokes are more likely to rhapsodise over organic fettuccini drizzled with Tuscan olive oil, than the latest souped-up rally car leaking […]

Diamonds Aren’t A Girl’s Best Friend In Sierra Leone

Some people know it, but some people don’t. The advertising industry is almost singlehandedly the reason for the 20th century popularity of diamond engagement rings. NW Ayer, now out of business, was the agency responsible for ad campaigns and product placements on behalf of De Beers. However, a new movie is calling attention to the […]

Gaming For Geezers

According to this The New York Times report, granny may kick some butt on her new gaming console next time you’re in Florida. For the first time, Nintendo took its products to Life@50+, an annual event sponsored by AARP, held this year in Anaheim, Calif. The event, intended for those over 50, attracted more than […]

Indie Not Just Another Market Segment

CNN is running a special section on indie culture. Ryan Schreiber, the editor and founder of Pitchfork Media, a popular online magazine that chronicles the indie music scene, said the indie spirit has been commodified and re-envisioned as a marketable lifestyle just like punk, alternative and grunge before it. “But those are all permutations of […]

Geek Grunge

According to new research by Intermedia, IT staff are twice as likely to wear a heavy metal t-shirt as their non-IT counterparts. IT workers are also 34% more likely to sport a ponytail; 63% more likely to wear black jeans; and 32% less likely to wear clean clothes every day of the week. Share

Peer-To-Peer Is About So Much More Than File Sharing

According to a study by Edelman, trust in peers has increased from 20% in 2003 to 68% today. That’s a massive spike. “We have reached an important juncture, where the lack of trust in established institutions and figures of authority has motivated people to trust their peers as the best sources of information about a […]

The Creative Class Moves In

Last year Dubuque, Iowa used a grant from the Iowa Department of Economic Development to create and run an ad campaign in Denver, Chicago, Madison, Wis., Minneapolis and St. Paul — cities that have drawn many young Dubuquers away from home. The campaign’s theme: “Dubuque: Your hometown. Your future.” According to USA TODAY, Dubuque and […]

Young Guns Fire Away

How well do you know millennials–those born in 1982, or after? Fast Company purports to. Millennials aren’t interested in the financial success that drove the boomers or the independence that has marked the gen-Xers, but in careers that are personalized. They want educational opportunities in China and a chance to work in their companies’ R&D […]