A Mile High But Not Very Deep

“I have seen amazingly creative people come to Denver and begin to coast, and then sink like a stone.” – Felix Every once in a while, Felix at The Denver Egotist likes to really get going on the issues of the day. For some creatives working in Denver’s agency scene, that means trying to measure […]

Your Core Customers Are Everything

Mass marketing. That’s our game. But it’s a game with fewer fans in seats today. Those fans have wandered off to other more intimate settings. They may never come back. The New York Times shows us one company coming to grips with these new terms and how it is adjusting itself. “Mass for us is […]

Studying Shoppers

Looking for insight into how brands can entice frugal shoppers, Susan Berfield of BusinessWeek sat down with environmental psychologist Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping and Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping. In the written piece for BusinessWeek, Berfield takes Underhill to a Whole Paycheck where he sees […]

And (Economic) Justice For All

Red v. Blue. That’s so over. We have a new clash of colors. Brown v. Green. The New York Times has more: “There’s a bias in our Congress and government against manufacturing, or at least indifference to us, especially on the coasts,” said Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio. “It’s up to those of us […]

For Real Man Beer We Go To Israel

McCann Erickson/Tel Aviv for Goldstar Beer: The pay off line, in case you can’t read it, says, “Thank God, you’re a man.” [via Ads of the World]

Starbucks? No. McDonald’s? Yes.

Adweek’s Noreen O’Leary asked a number of agency people how they planned to market their clients’ products in this time of diminished credit and general economic woe. Here are a couple of the best responses: “This is not a normal recession. This is a tectonic, structural shift, a global realignment,” says Umair Haque, director of […]

Due To Scoble Blindess, Men Fail To See Digital Divide, Fall Into Trap

Alan Wolk does it again. First, he comes up with the term NASCAR Blindness to describe how coastal elites fail to understand what motivates average Americans. Now, he has a new term, Scoble Blindness, to describe a similar condition that afflicts those working in the tech sector. Scoble Blindness is the strongly held belief that […]

College Students Are All Thumbs

eROI is out with a new study that makes it clear how important the mobile phone is to today’s college students. From what I’ve seen, pulling together a text messaging program is no simple task (it has to work across multiple platforms and generally takes months of planning). Yet, do we have much choice if […]