When Content Scores Points For Brands, It Doesn’t Need Much Defense

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People like my friend Bob Hoffman, a.k.a. The Ad Contrarian, at times grow fatigued by all the hubbub around social media and content marketing. Bob says, “Content is a meaningless term — a media contrivance — invented by bullshit artists to add gravitas and mystery to mundane marketing activities.” Yes, Hoffman is a humorist at […]

Lexus Drivers Are Masters of Their Own Media Universe

Lexus agency Team One pitched their automotive client on an innovative content strategy–team up with Time Inc. and American Express Publishing to provide media customers the option to customize their own magazine just like they would customize a new Lexus 2010 RX. And then fill that magazine with custom ads from Lexus. According to The […]

Intel Plays Well In Aggregator’s Sandbox

I appreciate Julia Briggs blogging about Intel’s partnership with POPURLS. The result–POPURLS Blue Edition–aggregates news with Intel’s core audience in mind. Briggs says, “People reading blogs are looking for information and are experts at consuming content. Give them more content to consume! But tie it back to your brand.” These type of content partnerships offer […]

Custom Publishing Is Advertising

Richard Siklos of The New York Times, after spending “a languorous afternoon watching a new form of video entertainment, sponsored by advertisers like Budweiser and General Electric,” questions the line between commercial messages and content. While I question his questioning, I do like how he ties it all back to custom publishing, pointing to examples […]