Selling Serious With Helium (It Works)

Learn more about ANZ’s security features, and/or view the other ad (which isn’t as good) in this campaign.

This Is How You Do Packaged Goods Advertising

A scary spoon lead character exerts his dominance over the field and says near the end, “I got to have my pops.” That’ll keep ’em up at night!

Run For It

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi/London [via A View From An Ad Guy]

Simple But Nice Head Fake

[via Cream]

Manky Wool Is No Good To Us

Grumpy Brit makes the point that the Web frees us to become even more self-indulgent than we already are as advertisers. Yet the inverse is also true. Brands, like Pringle of Scotland, can take the high road and become even more adept storytellers than they already are.

Vitaminwater Bites Dos Equis’, Steve Nash Loses Possession

[via Brandfreak]

They’re Fired Up In Philly

Quaker City Mercantile is doing work for Silverpeak Apothecary, a medical marijuana dispensary in Aspen. Considering that marijuana is now legal for medical use in 14 different states and generates $1 billion nationwide in revenue a year, execs at QCM had no problem seeing Silverpeak as legitimate clients. Plus, after working with RJ Reynolds for […]

Pets Fly Cheap

Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, unveils the latest installment in its ‘Unwronged’ campaign. Created by 180 Los Angeles, “Pet Carrier” and the forthcoming “Lawyers” and “Medical Testing” continue to showcase Boost Mobile as the answer to other wireless carriers’ wrongs. Speaking of wrongs, I’m sure some people (with children) will be put off […]