Calling Casanova

Steve Hall calls this Valentine’s Day spot for Heineken, “yet another ad which portrays men as idiot savants who are easily manipulated by beer and the chance of sex with hot, unattainable women.” Yep. It never gets old because the 21-to-24 year old target market never gets old.

Snickers Making Expert Use Of Celebs In New Campaign

Powerball The Liberator

This is weird. I always thought gambling addiction was a ball and chain situation, but that’s not the case according to Colorado Lottery and their agency, Cactus. For here we have a man who is chained to his workday doldrums. You guessed it, the man is freed by a giant red ball that drops from […]

Love Dogs? Drive A Subie.

“Charlie really likes his friends, but in his heart he knows that sometimes a dog is as good as any man” – Widespread Panic According to Ad Age, these new Subaru spots from Carmichael Lynch will premiere during Animal Planet’s “Dogs 101” marathon on Saturday. This doggie outreach is the latest iteration of the “reverse […]

K.C. And The Sun Life Band Get Down Tonight

Sun Life, a longtime provider of annuities, life insurance and group employee benefits, is well-known in its native Canada, but in the U.S. the brand wants to dramatically increase its presence among financial advisors and consumers. Enter The Martin Agency. Bruce Kelley, Partner and Vice Chairman of The Martin Agency said, “Getting consumers to take […]

Matters of the Heart

Diet Coke is supporting The Heart Truth with two new 15-second spots that will air tonight on American Idol. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Director: Pistachios Production Company: Blacklist, New York Original Music: Charlie Campbell

Wieden + Kennedy Doesn’t Do Drive-To-Retail, Not Even For Target

Who are these ads speaking to? Seriously, I’d like to know. Technically speaking, the spots are well made. My problem is with the strategy. I don’t see Target shoppers connecting with these spots, and I don’t understand the need to remind Target shoppers what products are available in the store, particularly when the products in […]

Brooke Shields He Ain’t

What the hell is this? It’s Deutsch’s first work for VW, according to Brian Morrissey of Adfreak. Morrissey reminds, “for every ‘Whassup?’ that gets ingrained in pop culture, there are an untold number of failed attempts by advertisers to gin up some kind of ‘cultural movement.’” Right. I hope this campaign fails fast, or gets […]