I Wonder If Shaq Has A Problem With “The Shack”

According to Eleftheria Parpis of Adweek: This 15-second commercial is one of 12 new TV ads to begin running nationally as part of the Fort Worth, Texas-based retailer’s ambitious effort from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners in Sausalito, Calif., to rebrand itself, at least informally in its marketing materials, with the shorter, presumably friendlier nickname. […]

Palm’s Pre Is Dreamy

According to Ad Age reporter Andrew Hampp, Gary Koepke, co-founder and executive creative director at Modernista!, loves that some people are creeped out by his agency’s ads for Sprint’s Palm Pre. In related news, Palm is entering into two branded-entertainment partnerships. First up is an exclusive sponsorship of “Bollywood Hero,” a three-part musical miniseries premiering […]

Shovels Full of Pennies Is Pure Currency for Office Max

Vinny Warren and his cohorts at The Escape Pod know how to work a good thing. Here they are workin’ it some more, and just in time for “Back to School.” Warren says, “We went back to New York with our flame-haired penny prankster to buy more stuff with pennies. This time we went for […]

Everyone’s A Critic

Designer Henryk Zawiślak uploaded his logo for Grzaniec to Concept Feedback, a new site that crowdsources peer feedback. About the logo above, Ovi Hentea, a peer, says, “I say ditch the gradient on the text stroke. I also say simplify the logo overall, removing some of the detail lines and the screws.” According to Springwise, […]

Chicago’s Urbanscape And A Beatles’ Cover Encourage The Irish To Drink American Swill

All Together Now is Budweiser’s new campaign for the Irish market, which is sort of odd, since the spot directed by Chris Palmer is so very Chicago. Here’s what the brand is saying about the shoot itself: This was a remarkably complex shoot as the Chicago metro-rail train had to both follow the usual mass-transit […]

Fat Guys In Pizza Commercials? Hell Must Be Freezing Over

WARNING: You are about to see the worst use of Zydeco music in the history of advertising. I’ve been seeing an updated cut of this spot on local TV channels in Portland over the past few days. Pizza Schmizza is a Portland-area franchise with an illogical name and a strange sense of humor.

Toshiba To Take “My Dog Ate It” For An Answer

“Don’t get angry, get Toshiba” is the new call to action from McCann Erickson Düsseldorf. According to McCann, “Accidents. Theft. Unemployment. No matter what. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.” Find out more at nomatterwhatguarantee.com.

Quiche Eaters Drink Beer Too

Meme Huffer points to this long form beer ad from Droga5: It’s funny because it abuses all types of men under the banner of inclusiveness. You don’t see that everyday, and even if you did, you wouldn’t normally raise a glass to it.

“Go Forth” Is A Well Worn Theme In America

Levi’s wants you to experience America in its jeans. Like a miner of old, or better yet, like Jack Kerouac and Neil Cassidy experienced America in the 1950s. That’s right, the brand is “On the Road.” See for yourself. Here’s some additional creative from Levi’s new “Go Forth” campaign (the launch of which we addressed […]

Fayetteville Loves Its Soldiers

Convention and Visitors Bureau advertising tends to be a dry affair, but that’s not the case in Fayetteville, NC–the community adjacent to Fort Bragg. Agency: The Republik, Durham [via Ad Age]