The Pig Kisses It Better

When you work on a retail account, you have to drive traffic, especially around high volume holidays. Price promotions is one way to go, but price-driven appeals can become awfully expected. Speaking of expected, here’s a bunch of lame pickup lines… Okay, so Piggly Wiggly, a.k.a. “The Pig” injects a little surprise and some sophomoric […]

Guy Goes Viral, Gets Written Into VW’s Script

Check out Scotsman Danny MacAskill in this new VW spot from TRY Advertising in Oslo, Norway. in April, MacAskill placed a five-minute video of himself doing bicycle stunts to the tune of Band of Horses’ “Funeral” on YouTube. The video has since been viewed more than 12 million times. Todd Wasserman of Brandfreak says the […]

Free Wi-Fries!

[via Blogilvy]

eBay — Everything You Want At A Price You Can Afford

David Gianatasio of Adfreak is not a fan of Goodby’s new work for eBay. eBay crested during Web 1.0, and this effort seems hell-bent on delivering old-hat, mostly unfunny schtick from a who’s-who of cable-comedy refugees in set-ups that go nowhere. That’s kind of harsh, although I can see his point.

Stan Richards Pulls A Hal Riney

According to Ad Age, the new Dodge Ram commercial is the first from Richards Group, Dallas, and the voice-over sounds suspiciously like agency founder Stan Richards. The trade mag also points out that the spot will run 190 times this evening alone in prime time across the major TV networks, particularly the World Series on […]

Cinematographers Drink Guiness

According to Adfreak, AMV BBDO didn’t take many short cuts for this new Guinness ad, called “World,” which breaks today in the U.K. The agency shot in four countries (New Zealand, Canada, Fiji and the U.K.); took three months to build the set for the underwater scene; got army assistance to film the grass-hauling shots […]

A Nice New Laptop Can Do A Lot For A Person

“What if technology could make you feel…more human?” That’s the question being posed by Sony VAIO Latin America. Shot on location in São Paulo, the commercial was directed by Bia Flecha of Brasileira Filmes. Ignited of El Segundo, Calif. is the agency on the account.

Quirky Brits…

I kind of like this spot for Richmond Sausages, but not as much as I like AdLand Suit’s response to it. Richmond make almost-sausages for Bastards that used not to be Bastards and would like to be ineffectual Not-Bastards again. And so it is with great pleasure that I invite everybody involved in making both […]

Southern Comfort Is A Bouillabaisse of French Pirate Jazz, Etc.

Southern Comfort is going back to its roots. Specifically, to its creation story in 1874 when New Orleans bartender, M.W. Heron, concocted the recipe. It’s a smart move for SoCo to put New Orleans front and center in their new campaign from Arnold Worldwide. The Crescent City is an easy sell. It’s America’s “other.” A […]

Jimmy John’s Makes A Great Sandwich, But You Wouldn’t Know It From These Spots

The Ad Store delivers for Jimmy John’s. In a category dominated by lame product attribute pitches, finally someone steps up and out. [via AdFreak]