Wieden Refugee Stays In Portland, Finds New Home

Copywriter, Nick Carter, used to work at Wieden + Kennedy. Then the day came for him to “unpack his Adidas” and move across town to ID Branding. Carter explains some of his motivations: Since I read this book, read for the first time writing that spins beauty from air as if magic was easy, makes […]

Good Enough Rarely Is

Tenfold Collective in Longmont, Colorado is out with a new self-promo campaign that pokes and prods potential customers in a friendly but serious way. “As a design firm that works with small businesses and non-profits, we often encounter clients who aren’t happy with their logo, web site, or brochure,” says Josh Emrich, principal in the […]

Willis Tower? That’s Like Calling Deep Dish “Cheezy Pizza”

The corporate naming game has run amok for years, but the recent name change from “Sears Tower” to “Willis Tower” in Chicago has touched a nerve. Or 96,814 nerves, as the case may be–that’s how many people on Facebook don’t like the idea. Another 48,747 on ItstheSearsTower.com have signed a petition to bring back the […]

Headline Writing Exercize: Tim’s Cascade Style Wasabi Chips

Editor’s note: Copywriters need to practice. So go ahead and supply some copy for this spec ad in the making. Headline: Your copy here Tagline: Your copy here

Doing “The Bish” Proud

The Escape Pod’s Vinny Warren on the joy of creating the print ad above: When I was starting out in advertising in the early 90s I always fancied myself as an old-school hard sell print ad guy from a bygone era. But alas was born in the wrong decade. Ultimately I got diverted into doing […]

Steffan’s Curiously Strong Copy

One of the great things about Steffan Postaer and other top practitioners in the ad biz endeavoring to share on blogs is the series of spontaneous tutorials in “How To Make It In This Business” they periodically (and instinctively) make available. Postaer just offered one on the process he brings to writing ad copy: When […]

That’s The Way Patriot

In response to Danny G.’s earlier post today on the greatness of well rendered copy, I thought I’d respond with some examples of my own. Credits: Wieden & Kennedy, Radical Media and director Errol Morris.

Approaching GoMeat Ahead

The inspiration for lyrical poetry can come from the strangest of places. Thanks to Hillshire Farms, we can now add sliced meats to the list. It’s not everyday that we see copy like this, so let’s examine the script line by line: Approaching GoMeat ahead Special request Cracked pepper turkey breast mmm looks glam She’ll […]