Advantages of Video Conferencing in College

When you think about video conferencing, what pops into your mind? A business conducting a meeting with international clients? A family calling to relatives miles and miles away? Has an image of a classroom using video conferencing ever come to your mind? Well if it hasn’t yet, it will now. Video conferencing isn’t just useful […]

Brands Go From Patron To Producer

Webisodes are all the rage for brands wanting to connect with customers via original content, but what if the customers in question aren’t wired into high speed Internet, or predisposed to watch content on the Web? According to Ad Age, Ford Motor Co. has some of these customers in rural Argentina and the brand found […]

I Hope You Have A Bigger Toolbox

On c|net, Tim Leberecht describes the need for convergence of marketing disciplines and the opportunity it creates for the people and agencies capable of making this ideal a reality. Brand, user experience design, product design, marketing communications, PR, online advertising, etc.–what we’re seeing is an increased convergence of all these creative disciplines. It is not […]