The Gecko Lands Book Deal, Readers Eagerly Await His Prose

Digital is spacious. So spacious, we may even think of digital space as infinite. As a result of this digital vastness we now face a massive content hole, because millions of web pages are nothing without content. Yet, the content hole is actually much bigger than what we see online. And content marketing is much […]

Guns Don’t Kill People. But People With Guns Do.

The National Rifle Association makes “repugnant and cowardly” ads, but the gun lobby appears slightly more adept at brand-sponsored content. Here’s a look at a video from their “Life of Duty” series sponsored by Smith & Wesson and Brownell’s, the world’s largest supplier of firearms accessories, gun parts and gunsmithing tools. “It’s freedom to be […]

Hello Advertorial, Nice To See You Again

The Atlantic is is one the best titles on the rack. I respect The Atlantic. And I’m happy to see that they’re having success with advertorial. Too bad they insist on calling it “native advertising.” My friend and agency head, Bob Hoffman, doesn’t like the new phrase any more than I do. “Native advertising is […]

Quality Content Is An Investment. Do Us All A Favor, And Invest Wisely.

Velocity Partners in Surrey, England is a B2B Content Marketing specialist. As such, the agency is rightly concerned about what the number of companies eagerly hopping on content bandwagon means. The agency concludes it means we’ll soon be swimming in a deluge of crap. To make sure you do not contribute to the content problem, […]

Amazon’s Cloud Is Raining Tunes

How smart is If their latest move to improve its music store is any indication, they’re smarter than all their competition. According to Time, Amazon’s new “Auto-Rip” gives customers a free online version of any album they buy — or have bought on Amazon in the last 15 years. I just logged in to […]

Automated Creativity Is Coming But Its Success Won’t Be Automatic

A while back, I wrote about the automated Fantasy Football recap articles I’d been getting this year. It got me thinking. With so much space to be filled (see David’s post from earlier this morning), is it worth it for brands to get humans to do this work? If the data can be analyzed and […]

Content for the Social Stream Is Mostly Junk. But, Let’s Dress It Up And Call It Something Else.

With a handful of specialists on speed dial, where do brand managers turn today to fill the gaping content holes in its various social streams? According to Adweek, when it comes to “native advertising,” (a term I loathe), chances are the publisher or someone at the client is producing the content for the ad, not […]

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Make A Mark In Advertising

I like being a copywriter, but lately I feel like it is a bit of a lost art. An afterthought. Something the client supplies, or God forbid, the design team. This is not a positive development for copywriters, nor is it for clients and their customers who will ultimately judge the work (harshly by ignoring […]