Bud.TV Not Viral

Nigel Hollis of Millward Brown examines the jerky start for A-B’s $30 million dollar online content play, Bud.TV. Unfortunately for Bud.TV, it seems that the pundits were not alone. While money can buy you content, it can’t, apparently, buy you respect. Of the five males aged 21 to 27 who viewed the site for me, […]

Ad Age Pedals Impending Doom

Bob Garfield is trying to scare us with his “Chronicles of the Media Revolution” series in which he explores ongoing technological upheaval across the media and marketing industries. Perhaps you believe that vast structures on which vast societies and vast economies depend do not easily lose their primacy. Perhaps you believe that the TV commercial […]

A Content Driver

Los Angeles writer, Mark Haskell Smith, cerated a serial novel–Black Sapphire Pearl–for Lexus. According to the Washington Post, he was paid “more than a modest book advance but less than what he would get for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.” Call it a fictomercial, a literatisement, branded entertainment. Lexus doesn’t really care. As long as […]

Cut The Crap

One of the nation’s top general interest bloggers, Jason Kottke, wants podcasters and video buffs to get to the point. Before YouTube and Google Video came along, video on the web often suffered from taking too many cues from the production values of traditional media. Even in the early days of YouTube, a typical video […]

Branded TV Shows And Movies Freely Offered

Today’s New York Times explores the world of marketers who are busy producing their own full-length TV shows and movies: Advertisers say they are prepared to give the shows to networks free or in exchange for commercial air time; such offers could appeal to networks looking to control costs. But some network executives voiced skepticism […]

“Very Old Wine In New Bottles”

Long before he created the popular crime-solving TV series “Law & Order,” Dick Wolf was an ad man working for Benton & Bowles and other agencies. Mr. Wolf, 59, recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the changing relationship between advertisers and television. WSJ: Decades ago, many programs were sponsored by a single advertiser, […]

Radio Shack Has Knowledge To Share

Associated Press looks at one retailer’s investment in online content. RadioShack Corp. thinks it has found a way to help consumers wondering how to edit digital photos or understand the difference between 1080i and 1080p high-def televisions: online classes. The electronics retailer on Wednesday announced a series of virtual training courses to help consumers learn […]

Bud Dot TV Coming To A Small Screen Near You

USA Today reports that Anheuser-Busch is prepared to spend $30 million on a new web content project. Top U.S. brewer Anheuser-Busch will launch its own Web entertainment network, Bud.TV, in February. The seven-channel operation, costing an estimated $30 million to start, is an attempt to develop a new way to reach consumers ages 21 to […]

Advertainment Gets Huge Boost At A-B

Content is king. According to Ad Age, The King of Beers is preparing to prove it. The country’s largest brewer is launching its own in-house film and TV production company that will make humorous shorts and sitcom-type programs to be broadcast over the internet and to cellphones. While A-B has dabbled in content before-particularly in […]

Doggin’ It All The Way To The Bank

Nina Munk, a former writer for Fortune and a freelance writer for Vanity Fair, launched Urbanhound.com in 2000. The pet-friendly site is now expanding to San Francisco and Chicago. According to the New York Times, Munk represents a new type of business journalist—one with the will to step into an entrepreneur’s shoes. With the pages […]