Simon Casts His Stone

Senator John Kerry conducted a hearing today on the state of newspapers in this country. One of the men called to testify was David Simon, a former police beat reporter at the Baltimore Sun and creator of the award-winning HBO series The Wire. Democracy Now has the entire transcript (and video) of Simon’s damning testimony. […]

Picture It

Adobe has some expensive software they’d like to sell you. To help convince you to buy, Adobe commissioned a short. Cisma’s “Le Sens Propre” from glossy inc on Vimeo. “Le Sens Propre” is part of Goodby’s “Shortcut to Brilliant” campaign for the graphics company.

Work And Learn

Mark Goldenson started an internet TV network for games called PlayCafe 18 months ago. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned. Thankfully for others walking the entreprenurial path, Goldenson isn’t afraid to air his laundry in public. In fact, he’s offering a “post-mortem” on Venture Beat. Two of his 10 points really ring a bell […]

Lexus Drivers Are Masters of Their Own Media Universe

Lexus agency Team One pitched their automotive client on an innovative content strategy–team up with Time Inc. and American Express Publishing to provide media customers the option to customize their own magazine just like they would customize a new Lexus 2010 RX. And then fill that magazine with custom ads from Lexus. According to The […]

Enter: Digital Restructuring Underway

Veteran newspaperman, Martin Langeveld, has a solution for newspapers in need of one. He says newspapers must become digital enterprises, even if they choose to continue printing the paper. Here’s his four step process to a better business model: Blow up the organization Figure out social networking Rethink the entire content flow Outsource the irrelevant […]

CBS Tries On Transmedia Storytelling

Harper’s Island is a new TV show from CBS that airs tonight at 10:00 pm. Harper’s Globe is the show’s fancy web component. “This is a different show for us. This is a home-run swing,” said Kelly Kahl, senior executive VP at CBS. By offering fully baked storylines for TV and the web, the network […]

Brand-Sponsored Content Is The Real Article

By the way, what the hell is a content strategist? If that’s your title, please, leave the business. –The Denver Egotist Everyone’s talking about social media, but there’s another important game in town. It’s not new, but it’s growing in importance thanks to the promise of digital storytelling. According to a survey commissioned by the […]

Cut And Paste Is A “Misguided Legal Theory” According to A.P.

A year ago last January, I wrote “How To Become Irrelevant Online” about Associated Press’ intention to battle aggregators and bloggers over the fair use doctrine. I never wondered what became of their legal intentions because I can do without A.P. as a source. However, the story has bubbled up again and it’s worth re-examining, […]