Mad Men Meets Melrose

Quarterlife, the new series from Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, is far from racking up impressive broadcast-style numbers on MySpace and YouTube, which leads The New York Times to question. The low traffic numbers are significant because the series has been touted as the first television-quality production for the Web, as well as the first […]

First You Report, Then You Sell Ads

5280 is a lifestyle magazine serving the Denver market. The title’s editor and publisher, Daniel Brogran, writing in Folio describes his magazine’s commitment to investigative journalism. To do this kind of work, we’ve had to more than triple our staff and increase our editorial budget by nearly $1 million per year. But we’ve seen a […]

Data Rules (But Not By Itself)

Adweek has outlined what it considers to be the top ten industry trends for 2007. This one, in particular, caught my eye: DATA IS KING “Content” is no longer the be-all, end-all in the digital age. The growing number of social networks and marketers interested in targeted, relevant messages has given rise to a new […]

Considering Content

Faris Yakob is thinking deep thoughts about content’s place in our industry. Content and media are weird words. They are the antonymic binary stars that all our industries circle around, feeding of the energy they pump out into culture. They don’t really exist without each other. Even in the very specific sense in which we […]

Media Makers Needed

According to Adweek, Hill Holliday is stepping up to the advertainment plate by creating a new position for John Dukakis. The former governor’s son will be svp, director of branded entertainment for the Boston-based shop. Baba Shetty, evp, chief media officer at Hill, Holliday, said: “These days we’re not just buying media—we’re often creating media, […]

Ghost Dog Does The Dew

Forest Whitaker (who we loved in Ghost Dog) is one of the brains behind Dewmocracy, a story-based advergame from Mountain Dew. According to the site, players “are invited to join the movement to create the next Mountain Dew. Your journey will give you the power to select the flavor, color, name, logo, label, and tagline […]

Is This An Ad?

[via Hill | Holliday]

Selling Soap On The Intertubes

According to The New York Times, the intertubes is a time machine that one giant marketer is riding back to the 1940s and ’50s. The company that brought soap operas to radio, then television, Procter & Gamble, is trying the same strategy online with “Crescent Heights,” a new show intended to reach young viewers where […]

Writing The Book On Processed Meat

You (Dan Armstrong and Dustin Black) work in Minneapolis surrounded by advertising greatness at every turn. Lions are being won, names made, etc. But you, in your infinite wisdom, have pulled the SPAM card. You and your creative partner are tasked with making the Hormel brand attractive to its intended audience. Yes, there is such […]

And the Winner Is…Ad-Supported Content

As of midnight last night The New York Times abandoned its TimesSelect subscription model, which put the paper’s archives and the work of popular columnists behind a paid gate. The Times said the project had met expectations, drawing 227,000 paying subscribers — out of 787,000 over all — and generating about $10 million a year […]