Content Is Still King

According to the Online Publishers Association’s Internet Activity Index, 42.7% of consumer time online is spent with content sites, 28.6% is with communication sites, 16.1% with commerce sites and 5% on search sites. The OPA describes content sites as those designed primarily to provide news, information and entertainment. Examples of those included in this segment […]

L.C. in da House

Lindsay Campbell, formerly of Wallstrip, has been charging around Austin this week with her camera crew in tow. Her goal? To better understand the mind of an SXSW attendee. Her new show, which is backed by CBS, is called Moblogic. It’s a news, culture and politics program.

Where Commercials Once Were

I can’t believe I haven’t heard about Lovebites, a content play from JWT for Sunsilk Hair products, until now. Thankfully, Damiano Vukotic has heard. Lovebites is a 2-minute show that runs during commercial slots on “Sex in the City” reruns. The show was developed by JWT in conjunction with Paul Reiser (Mad About You). According […]

quarterlife Moves To Bravo

New Tee Vee has several posts about quarterlife’s network debut and the fallout from said TV event. In a development that could kill the network dreams of other fledgling web series, quarterlife’s premiere on NBC bombed. TV by the Numbers paints the not-so-pretty picture: quarterlife came in last place in its time slot, with a […]

Set Your DVRs

In anticipation of the web show quarterlife’s network debut on NBC (premiere episode on Tuesday, Feb. 26 10/9c) and MTV (premiere on the afternoon of the 26th), New Tee Vee spoke to series creator Marshall Herskovitz and star Bitsie Tulloch. Herskovitz says, “I’m on the site literally 15 times a day and I’m reading every […]

It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

The New York Times looks at the importance of storytelling in the workplace. Of all the repetitive, mind-numbing jobs in the late 19th century, cigar-rolling was special. Unlike sewing clothes, mining coal or forging steel, it was blessedly quiet. And thus cigar workers, whether in Chicago or Havana, were the first ones in their time […]

Better Than A Sobriety Test

People often emerge from their favorite bar in a good mood, which makes it a perfect time to quiz them. According to Adweek, Endemol USA and video entertainment site Metacafe plat to do just that with Buzzed, an online after-hours game show. The show will focus on bar and nightclub goers answering a series of […]

Drawing The Story Out Of The Brand

Shelly Lazarus, the CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, is speaking my language. “Brands are more than checkbooks to develop content. Brands are cultural artifacts that have inherent story values. We see ourselves as being both in the entertainment business and the product business.” But she loses me here: “We can come up with a brand […]

How MTV Move

LA Times takes the phrase “integrated marketing” to a new place with a piece on content’s role in creating compelling advertainment. Younger viewers are “less married to traditional long form shows and, as a result, more receptive to different forms of content as long as the content is engaging and entertaining,” John Shea, executive vice […]

Lexus Hybrid Living EcoDesignLifestyle

Lexus Hybrid Living is an interesting content play by the luxury car brand. While many hybrid buyers are Birkenstock-wearing eco-number crunchers wanting to know all the pertinent facts and figures, Lexus appeals to another demo. The demo that says, “Hey, I’m rich. The least I could do is be responsible.” Of course, never before in […]