Brands As Producers, Brands As Studios, Brands As Labels—That’s What It Takes To Compete In Today’s Mediascape

I sometimes call myself a content machine. Yet, Ground Zero’s Court Crandall deserves a higher distinction. We can call him a content god. According to Adweek, Crandall–whose second film, A Lobster Tale, is released on DVD this week–sees a bright future for content in the agency world. “I have no intention of jumping ship [for […]

Getting Out The “C” Word

Beet.TV is featuring an interview with Christine Beardsell, creative director of The Third Act. Digitas created The Third Act in May to create branded episodic programming for its clients. The Third Act brings together agency, production, media and entertainment resources to offer clients one source for branded content. Holiday Inn Express is the first client […]

Elaborate PR Scheme Dressed In Content’s Clothing?

Have a story to tell and plenty of money with which to tell it? Natural gas producer, Chesapeake Energy Corp. does. According to The Wall Street Journal, Chesapeake will soon launch Shale.TV, a Web site devoted to creating content about the massive natural-gas field known as the Barnett Shale, located in and around Fort Worth, […]

No, But I Did Watch “The Smart Show” Last Night

According to Ad Age, Holiday Inn Express and its digital agency, Digitas, are embarking on season two of “The Smart Show”, a branded entertainment offering. The 40 new episodes of “The Smart Show” will appear twice a week on, and will air through October. 76% of the first season’s viewers indicated they would be […]

Omaha Rocks

The inside back cover of Spin Magazine’s July issue profiles “Omaha—Rock City.” It’s clearly an editorial segment from Spin, but the line between lifestyle content of this sort and a paid advertisement is pretty thin. Whatever the intention, it’s a Chamber of Commerce type listing for Omaha’s music business. The feature mentions artists Simon Joyner, […]

XX Advertainment

According to Stuart Elliott of The New York Times, Dos Equis beer will present a reality series on the Mojo HD cable network that will chronicle the search for an assistant to a character who is featured in the brand’s advertising campaign, a person of wealth and taste known as the Most Interesting Man in […]

Old School Content Developer Not Ready To Collaborate

Michael Eisner, the former Disney chief and current head of Vuguru, speaking in New York yesterday, showed little interest in bringing brands into the development process of his firm’s short-form online programming. “I have never produced anything in my career with an audience in mind,” he said. [People] are saying the internet is made up […]

Don’t Rely On TV Commercials

I like this long-form anti-commercial commercial from Geico. Insurance is never once mentioned, but it works.

Content Proposes to Advertising. Advertising Accepts.

According to Ad Age, Hollywood’s oldest talent shop, the 110-year-old William Morris Agency, is partnering with a triumvirate of digital media, wireless and advertising executives to create a joint venture called Agency 3.0, a digital-marketing-services company seeking to marry digital technology to strategically developed content. The new venture aims to “bring the ad dollars that […]

The Love Boat Soon Will Be Making Another Run

CBS substantially increased the number of archived television shows streamed free on the Web, the latest salvo in the battle among traditional broadcasters to capture viewers online. CBS will add episodes of “The Love Boat” and “Twin Peaks,” among other shows, to its new and vintage Web offerings. The programs are broadcast on the CBS […]