Genuine Engagement Via Custom Publishing

I love to see agencies produce high quality content for their clients. When a brand has an enthusiastic following (like Nike, VW or Apple) it makes perfect sense for the brand to push past advertising into editorial. That’s what a select few clients and agencies are doing, VW and LaBov & Beyond being two. For […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Brands In The Stream

Facebook’s recent redesign–a move that it made it more Twitter-like among other things–is top-of-mind for writers on the social media beat. Brian Morrissey notes how FB is also working to provide a seamless place for branded messaging. Facebook is dead set against having ads overwhelm the experience so they’re weaving them into the experience, which […]

What Content Can Do For You

Because I’m looking for work right now, I need to explain what it is that I do in plain terms. It can be difficult to do. Brands may not know they need a strategic content plan for the social space. Hence, their agency doesn’t know it either. That’s why my elevator pitch has to be […]

Wine Guy Walks His New Media Talk

Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV is a mover and shaker. Even his detractors can’t deny him that. According to TechCrunch, Vaynerchuk has expanded his growing media empire with Obsessed TV, an online interview show. “There is only so much content I can pump out,” Vaynerchuk say. “I need to own as many media properties […]

Digital Freedom Fighters On the Rise

Scott Cleland–who works at the nexus of capital markets, public policy and techcom–has a problem with free. He’s not the only one. The dotcom bubble ethos that “information wants to be free” is like a gross mold destroying the incentives to create and distribute valuable content digitally. Let’s take a analytical slice across both the […]

Good Ideas Don’t Die, They Get Cleverly Repurposed

Steve Hall of Adrants is involved in a new project with Blurb, Ammo Marketing and Henry Grey PR. It’s called Killed Ideas. The project, in a nutshell, seeks to collect the best “killed ideas” from creative teams in advertising and publish them in a book. “I’ll be vetting and selecting the fifty which will appear […]

Bore Me Once

Science fiction writer David Niall Wilson offers “ten thoughts about the internet,” all of which are spot on. Here’s his sixth point: Entertainment, laughter, things that make people return happily to your section of the universe – these are the best tools at your disposal. Lolcats has a very simple site with a million unpaid […]

Nike Loves Strong Women, Strong Women Buy Gear

Adweek is showcasing the McKinney-produced Nike film shown above. The video promotes an online competition called GameChangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport. It’s a joint effort from Nike and Ashoka, a nonprofit community of social entrepreneurs. It’s the second year in a rown the two have teamed up in a global search for […]

Oregon’s Culture Shapers Win Again

Phil Knight’s Laika is big news in Portland these days. The animation studio’s new film Coraline is doing well at the box office and people are also loving the marketing for the film created by Knight’s old buddies at Wieden + Kennedy. In an Ad Age interview, Knight says W+K identified some 15 niche demographic […]

Not Schlotzsky, Schlovsky

Who is Arthur Schlovsky? Is he a potato chip manufacturer? A coal miner? A cowboy with Polish roots? No, Arthur Schlovsky is an Internet agency in Paris with a made-up name designed to support its creative image, according to Nathalie Alfred, a Mediaedge spokeswoman. Mediaedge is the agency’s parent company. According to The Wall Street […]