Shop Your Screens For Bruise Free Cyber Monday Deals

cyber_monday shoppers

Today is Cyber Monday. Online sales could reach $2 billion today, but that figure is but a tenth of the revenue earned by traditional brick-and-mortar store sales on Black Friday. Walmart alone said it sold 2 million TVs during its Black Friday sales this year. The retailer also sold 2.8 million towels, 1.9 million dolls, […]

The Commercialization of Halloween

The National Retail Federation says that Halloween spending will be down from 2012, but it will still represent $6.9 billion in consumer money for the year. By now, retailers have already begun aggressively marketing the idea of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Right around the corner will be the hint of Christmas trees and garland. Spending peaked […]

Customer Service Defines Your Brand In A Way Advertising Never Will

the customer is always wrong

Impatient, are we? Not so much by nature, but by digital design. If something takes a few seconds to load, for instance, we act as if we are being cheated of precious time. The powerful multi-way communication channels we now rely on have also reset expectations. Emails can sit there unanswered, but ignoring an Instant […]

“Waste Not, Want Not” Updated For Today’s Conscious Consumer


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Those three calls to action are well known throughout the culture thanks to the efforts made by environmental activists since 1970. Now, according to a story in Los Angeles Times, there’s an update for conscious consumers to consider: Reuse. Remake. Refrain. The article focuses on the “Reuse” and “Remake” aspects of the […]

“Momma’s Gotta Shop” Is Not An Idea, It’s A Customer Insight - My Hero _30 - YouTube is a price play, and we all know how enticing low prices can be. It’s nectar to the price-conscious shopper. Even so, I find the following commercial off-putting. Take a look: Momma’s gotta shop. Really? Well sure, if the family is to be housed, clothed, fed, transported to and fro and so on, then […]

People Who Buy Products And Services Are “Multipliers,” Not “Consumers”

People are people. Always. For instance, throughout the day people might consume food, gas, electricity, media, beer and more, but they remain people, not consumers. It’s a topic cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken picked up and ran with on Spreadable Media. My preferred term is “multiplier.” Consider this sentence, amended from a story in the Wall […]

For Best Results, Align The Brand Truth With The Audience’s Inner Truths


I like it when advertising pros get intentional with their language and say it like it is. Witness the words of Douglas Van Praet, Group Planning Director for the Volkswagen account at Deutsch L.A. and author of Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing: Whenever I hear the word “consumer,” a term unavoidable […]

Wrong, Wrong, And Wrong Again

As an avid consumer of business journalism, I see way too many shortcomings in the stories I read. Take this morning’s example, a piece in The Guardian about how the fictional Don Draper wouldn’t thrive in today’s multimedia universe. For Matthew Neale, managing director of the global marketing company Golin Harris, the world where ad […]