Gaining Online Cred Is the Real Contest

Brands want to play in the social media sandbox. That much has been established. But what games are they playing? That topic needs a bit more exploration. Spike Jones of Brains of Fire suggests the “go to” game is a social media contest. He says it’s good in that contests promote interaction, participation and involvement. […]

Have A Drink with Mother Freedom

Phil McClary, a musician from Smithton, MO near St Louis, asks A-B to reconsider. According to The Guradian, McClary performed his work to a warm reception at an anti-InBev rally over the weekend. He told his local paper: “I have had numerous emails from people who worked at AB telling me the song really summed […]

Hard Numbers To Hit

Gavin Heaton, has metered out the components of digital storytelling the way a conscientious chef would when writing a cook book. Like anything, you need to start with an idea. This is the 1%. A good idea will get you started but an idea on its own is dormant. There is another 9% that is […]

Character Sketches Needed

MySpace is collaborating with best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho to make a user-generated movie of his book The Witch of Portobello. Users can submit videos focusing on one of the book’s characters to MySpaceTV or Coelho’s MySpace page, and up to 15 winning submissions will be molded into a video “mash-up” called “The Experimental Witch.” […]

Not Digging “Dig The Digs”

Bill Green wants to hit something. This is why: So another brand–Century 21 this time–is jumping on the consumer generated content promotion bandwagon. Is that really reason enough to hit something? Before you answer, consider that the contest is void in several states, one’s home has to be listed with Century 21 (duh!) and one’s […]

Make A Little Vid, Then Make Some More Vids, And So On, Ad Infinitum

Every brand and her uncle is conducting consumer generated video contests. Here’s one that makes sense for the brands involved. Red Bull, Media Lab Studios and Independent Film Channel have joined to create “After Hours Web Series Challenge,” a video contest aimed squarely at the aspiring filmmaker set. According to the IFC-hosted promotional microsite: One […]

Steve Nash Shows Nike And The Interwebs Who He Is

According to The Wall Street Journal, NBA star Steve Nash went native and produced his own Nike spot. Mr. Nash, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, says he is happy with how Nike has marketed him but felt he could come up with an ad that reflected more of his personality. There was little financial […]

An Invitation, Across the Nation

It’s not like 20-somethings need encouragement to point a web cam at themselves while dancing in their dorm rooms–a tour of YouTube will reveal thousands of such videos. So, it wasn’t much of a leap for Minneapolis-based Periscope and their client, Jockey International, to come up with a dance-off contest at that carries a […]

DIY Takes Over The World: Consumer Generated Wine

Wine isn’t media but consumers are generating it nonetheless. Crushpad’s YouTube page is full of DIY info on the art of winemaking. And The New York Times is all over it. Crushpad, a San Francisco company is tapping into a market in which people not only want to sip the goods but also live the […]

Who Moved Kraft’s Cheese?

Kraft Singles wants you to Have A Happy Sandwich. The processed cheese maker also wants you to participate in the marketing of said cheese slices, which is why they’re dangling 50 Large in front of anyone with a video camera and an idea. Like this guy… [via Endless Simmer]