ConAgra Gets CGC

Dawn Anfuso, senior editor for iMedia Connection spoke to Kevin Doohan, director of web marketing for Omaha-based ConAgra Foods, a Fortune 100 company. iMedia: Consumer-generated content is scary for many brands because of their inability to control it. How do you view the topic? Have you had much experience dealing with it yet? Any advice […]

Proof That Geekery Can Be Sexy

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What’s FedEx Gonna Do? Sue?

Dear brand manager, you don’t “own” your brand, the consumer does. And here’s what some consumers will do with it, if they so choose. from Lifehacker: Rather than use up strip after strip of scotch tape, or hit the mailroom for packing tape, take one of those FedEx airbill pouches, stick your hand in it […]

Because They Can

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