Each Valley Has Their Own Speak

ValleyWag is conducting a Valley Speak neologisms contest. The winner gets $240 on iTunes and a cord wrapper for their iPod (presuming they have one). Here are some of the leading candidates: Blogamy: Having more than one blog at a time. [Bill Green] iPud: Most ‘casters. [John La Bouff] Blogna sandwich: Reading blogs on a […]

Personalized McPackaging

Global Casting is a new site from McDonald’s that asks for your best story (in 100 words or less) and a digital photo to accompany your story. If they dig your sumbission, your face and story telling ability could be featured on a 50 million tray liners, take out bags or Super Size soda cups. […]

GM Understands Social Media. Selling SUVs In A Post Peak-Oil Economy Still A Question Mark.

Steve Hall was right. As part of their ChevyApprentice promotion, GM was prepared to have egg thrown on its face by environmentally conscious (anti-SUV) consumers, and they were even prepared to let the egg stay there all hard and scarring. How this builds the brand or moves steel, no one knows. At any rate, here’s […]

Heads Are Rolling In Detroit Today

Chevy Tahoe just screwed up BIG TIME. In attempt to do the right thing and fully embrace consumer generated content, someone forgot that it needs to be screened first, before it goes live. Oops. Here’s copy from one ad, now live on the Chevy Apprentice site. Like Snow? Beautiful landscapes? Be sure to take it […]

DIY Branding

This is how Detroit Free Press writer, Kortney Stringer, sees consumer generated content: Advertisers are showing their desperation. The boom in consumer-generated advertising is just the latest way companies are trying to stop people from ignoring or avoiding their ads. By giving consumers a say-so, marketers hope people will be more likely to watch the […]

MySpace Too Risqué For Mainstream Marketers

From MediaPost: MySpace has grown to 60 million members, and now accounts for around 12.5 percent of all online display ads. But major brand marketers continue to shun the site. Reasons for avoiding MySpace include concern about its potential for criminal use, especially given recent well-publicized reports about sexual predators searching for victims on the […]

All The World’s A Stage

Can any company resist the temptation to co-create with their customers? I don’t think so. At USA Network, characters are welcome. And now, USA has created a community where characters from across the country can come together. You are invited to become a member and upload your videos, photos and profile. You can share your […]

Monetize Me!

People are thinking a lot about how to monetize “new” media, such as podcasts and blogs. Well, prepare for a game-changing bomb drop right here on AdPulp. What I’m talking about is monetizing old media; namely, me. Case Study: Gavin Gavin is a 14-year-old developmentally disabled boy who lives in my neighborhood. For a few […]

How Are You Adjusting?

From Ad Age: What if ordinary TV viewers went from watching commercials to creating them? We’re about to find out. Sony Electronics, Toyota Motor Sales USA and L’Oreal Paris have cut deals with Al Gore’s Current TV that will usher the beleaguered 30-second spot into the age of consumer-generated content and send shivers down the […]

Yahoo Is Not A Cable Channel

Lloyd Braun, the former chairman of ABC Entertainment, and current head of Yahoo’s Media Group told The New York Times that Yahoo will focus on content acquired from other media companies or submitted by users. In other words, Yahoo understands the net is an entity unlike TV, one with it’s own value and unique programming […]