Rocketboom Goes Boom. Distress Signals Sent.

Note the upsidedown map Rocketboom, a new media company with a ton of fuel on board, lost a co-pilot and host, Amanda Congdon to Hollywood. Andrew Baron, the show’s producer, is now piloting the craft and looking for a soft landing. Washington Post tracks Rocketboom’s flight path: When Rocketboom started in 2004, young video producer […]

Etch-A-Sketch Mastery

One of the trickier negotiations at a busy American airport can be identifying one’s PowerBook at the gathering end of the security checkpoint. I put stickers on mine to make the process easier. But Dan Kurtz has a much more elegant solution.

Improper Use Of Packaging

Remember the guy from Arizona who built his own furniture from FedEx boxes? FedEx sued him for improper use of their packaging. Now, we have a new case of improper use of packaging. Two MIT students built a raft made from Gatorade bottles and paddled it across the the Charles River. After getting Gatorade’s attention, […]

Sign Of The Times

Actually, where brand communications are concerned, the meek already inherited the earth. Or, as some mavericks put it, “Let go of the fallacy that your brand belongs to you. It belongs to the market.” [image via Northern Planner]

Spec Work Is Not Consumer Generated Media (It’s Expert Generated Media)

Consumer generated media is a phrase tripping off alot of tounges in newsrooms and boardrooms today. But when is CGM not CGM? Let’s run some numbers. Firefox, the open source browser with 50 million users worldwide asked its base to offer up a broadcast quality TV spot. 280 spots came in. I’m not much good […]

Big Ideas For Small Screens

WGBH is sponsoring an interesting consumer generated media project: 6:55 is an open call for big ideas for small screens, including cell phones, PDAs, and television broadcast. Three projects will be selected and produced for the WGBH Lab. Each project will receive $2,500 in financial support, editorial support from WGBH and renowned media producers, and […]

Courtship Of The Brand Crazy

Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer looks at the so-called 1% rule for social media sites. It would appear that small groups of people often turn out to be the principal value creators of a democratized community. Over time, their work fuels widespread interaction that engages the non-participating community and attracts new ones. If […]

Capture And Deliver Content On The Fly

CNET reports on a new way to deliver content to YouTube. YouTube launched on Wednesday a service that allows users to upload homemade clips via their mobile phones or PDAs. A growing number of handheld devices are capable of recording video. YouTube wants to disconnect users from their Web cams and computers, said Steve Chen, […]

Get Off Of My Cloud

Designer, user-centric experience architect, photographer, writer, and community consultant, Derek Powazek wants people to stop saying “user-generated content.” I say consumer generated content (CGC), myself, but Derek would likely object to that too. Calling the beautiful, amazing, brilliant things people create online “user-generated content” is like sliding up to your lady, putting your arm around […]

Nornna, You Tube Celeb

NYT reports on the You Tube phenom Nornna. Nornna’s videos, which number in the hundreds, are hardly salacious. Usually she is doing something completely commonplace: making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, powdering her feet, missing her bus, watching television. Some videos of Nonna have been viewed more than 50,000 times. As her videos gained […]