Really Smart People at MIT Actually Study Advertising. Weird, Huh?

CAMBRIDGE—Saturday morning’s opening panel at Futures of Entertainment 2 is wholly academic. Sam Ford, the moderator of this panel and one of the organizers of the conference says he found it interesting how one half of the participants here today come from the academy and the other half from industry. He also says many of […]

Reporting Live from MIT’s Media Lab

CAMBRIDGE—Sally Hogshead, author of Radical Careering, says we have much to gain by aspiring to be the dumbest person in the room. I think I may have achieved her lofty goal today, as I’ve surrounded myself with brainiacs at MIT—students, teachers and people from industry engaged in delivering and absorbing the densest information available on […]

Direct From NOLA

”Creative kids used to start bands. They’re starting brands now.” -Rob Walker Polygamous Wedding, the innaugural one-day “connection planning” conference that went off last month in New Orleans is now offering some of the presentations on their blog. The offering above is from Robbie Vitrano, principal of New Orleans’ agency, Trumpet. The presentation I’m nost […]

Cambridge, Here I Come

Other than SXSW, I don’t go to a lot of conferences. But I’d like to pick up the pace a bit and Futures of Entertainment 2 looks too good to pass up.

Big Love In The Big Easy

When it comes to conference names “Polygamous Weddings” is certainly one of the more creative entires I’ve seen. Ever. But I’m not surprised in the least. Great things comes from New Orleans. The October 26th event, put on by Trumpet and The New York Times, has a blog with more details. Could it be otherwise? […]

Ideas In Flux

We all have our favorite agencies and ad peeps. Butler Shine and Stern has occupied a spot atop my list for many years. I could list the reasons why, but I’ll offer a rather simple one at the moment—they had the wisdom to locate in Sausalito. From creative places come big ideas… One of their […]

Ball Sacks Needed (Metaphorically Speaking, Of Course)

Random Culture is providing a recap of the Future of Online Advertising conference held in NYC last week. Here’s my favorite bit: I think one of the biggest lessons from the conference is that advertisers need to have more guts. Wired magazine VP Drew Schutte talked about this very topic. Why is it important for […]

The Face-to-Face Effect

Kathy Sierra has been attending conferences for 20 years, but speaking at them only for the past few. In the following passage from her blog, she describes why so many of us climb aboard cramped airplanes for hours on end to gather in a central real-life place. The most underrated benefit of the face-to-face effect […]

LonelyGirl Kicking “Herself”

Tim Gideon of PC Magazine wrote an article about a SXSW panel I walked out on yesterday–“What Does the Future Hold for Video on the Internet?” Before I vacated the room, I did hear this exchange, and upon reflection believe it’s worth repeating here. Kent Nichols, from Ask A Ninja, pointed out that most “user-generated” […]

Bloggers Gather In Georgia’s First City

photo courtesy of Josh Hallett I’m attending Blog Savannah’s Un-Conference today. Currently we’re hearing from Phillip Sellers of iTour Savannah. He’s moderating a session on podcasting. Sellers, a former radio exec, makes audio tours of historic Savannah. His podcasts are offered as “teasers,” for the audio products available for sale on his site. Like any […]