Hundreds Gather At #SoFresh To Further Their Knowledge of Social Media Best Practices

PORTLAND–It’s raining hard this morning, but there are no dampened spirits inside the Doubletree Hotel’s conference rooms. Jason Keath is seeing to that. He’s the event organizer from North Carolina, here in Portland to put on Social Fresh, a conference about social media. Social Fresh is also playing in St. Louis, Tampa, Nashville and Charlotte. […]

Ignore The Soundtrack, Hear The Speaker

Friend of AdPulp, Sally Hogshead, was in Toronto last week as part of The Art of Marketing conference. Here she is responding to some of the conference participants’ questions about her new book, Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation. I like how midway through the video, Hogshead says, “What branding is about is […]

Fuel Industries Proactively Organizes CES Data

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a big time trade show with thousands of attendees from all over the world. Which makes it tricky to keep up with. That’s why Fuel Industries in Ottawa, Ontario invented TweetYouThere. Nick Iannitti of Fuel describes it as a simple social media tool to measure which brands, […]

Guest Post: Savannah Unleashes The “Geek”

Editor’s note: This article is by Sloane Kelley, a former colleague and current friend. She stepped in to my shoes when I left BFG Communications last year and is now the agency’s Content Director. She’s also a mover and shaker in Savannah (and beyond), as this guest post clearly indicates. SAVANNAH–Say the word “Savannah” and […]

Semantics Killed Social Media

PORTLAND–Inside Nemo’s cavernous warehouse space on Southeast Belmont an after work crowd is gathered drinking Mirror Pond, noshing on cheese and talking shop. Amber Case is here. Uncle Nate is here. Rick Turoczy is here. Everyone’s gathered to learn the answer to this rhetorical question: Who Killed Social Media? image courtesy of Rick Turoczy Nemo’s […]

Jason Shares, Asks “What Can You Share?”

Jason Fried of 37 Signals spoke at Big Omaha earlier this month. He had some interesting things to say, like stop embracing failure; don’t plan just do; work don’t talk; be aware of what byproducts you’re making so you can profit from them too; freely share your knowledge so you can later sell your audience […]

How Much Whuffie For The Tenderloin?

PORTLAND–In front of a crowded room this morning at WebVisions in the Oregon Convention Center, author and marketing consultant, Tara Hunt, describes herself as “a small town Alberta girl.” That may be, but it’s clear from her presence on the stage that “the girl” is now a woman, and one with something to say. The […]

The Web Is The World’s Largest Patchwork Quilt

PORTLAND–Makers of Web sites and mobile applications descended from far and near on the Oregon Convention Center today to attend WebVisions 2009, one of the Rose City’s premier events for the digitally inclined. I caught the tail end of the morning keynote by Jared Spool. He brought up the term “Inukshuk Content,” which got my […]

Identity Firm Goes Tribal

The crew at Brains on Fire are on a different page, that’s for sure. I went to Greenville a few years ago to see if I could read from that page. Thankfully, I could. Of course, they didn’t pull any faces on me that day. Not like this. The image above is from this year’s […]

And The Winners Are…

We recently asked AdPulp readers to explain their vision for the future of the Web in 100 words or less. Doing so qualified each participant to win free admission to WebVisions ’09 in Portland, May 20-22. First Place Winner: Noel Franus Vision: My vision for the web is that of the everything-connected present — not […]