The Good Client And The Bad Client

Over at Small Agency Diary, Phil Johnson of PJA Advertising & Marketing tackles the topic of why good clients are good and bad clients are bad. I’ve always heard agency people complain about clients who treat them badly. My attitude has been “Why should we get special treatment?” Have you ever watched a tenure battle […]

ROI Or Else

Ad Age is looking at agency business growth from an employment perspective. Meanwhile, Adweek is reporting that Chief Marketing Officers have a bug up their asses. Get ready to defend. In the coming year, nearly half of marketers plan to fire at least one of their agencies and change direction, according to the second annual […]

Calling Out A Pesky Potential Client

I’ve received, as I’m sure most people have, my share of form rejection letters. Plus, I keep a good mental record of anybody who’s ever blown me off or shown me less than professional courtesy. Over at Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary, Peter Madden reports on one new business RFP and the rejection thereof: The […]

Mute Buttons Collar The Truth

Joe The Peacock is funny. And when someone funny is forced to endure mindless babble on a conference call, they tend to a) pass out, or b) make a note of it. Joe The Peacock made note of it. Here are some of the things he thought, but could not say (without the invention of […]

The Struggle To Improve Creative

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that P&G and J&J are pushing for tighter integration between agency disciplines, particularly media planning and creative. Johnson & Johnson has joined a growing list of marketers who are dissatisfied with the way advertising firms are structured, and it is calling for more collaboration between the people who do […]

“I Don’t Have PDF. Can You Send It In Word?”

If you regularly present creative remotely on a conference line, this audio file is for you. Enjoy! [via Advergirl]