Simplifiers Want Instant Coffee, Starbucks Will Provide

Starbucks is about to introduce instant coffee. Is this a way for the Seattle-based conglomerate to grow income, destroy a brand, or both? After all, would a premium coffee company ever touch the instant category? It’s like Odwalla offering its customers a Tang-like substance. In a Huffington Post advertorial, Howard Shultz of Starbucks quotes John […]

Man’s Handheld Survives Memphis Meltdown

It’s rare, but sometimes flies get caught in the social media honey. There are two such stories floating today. One involves a man who murdered his wife after she changed her status from “Married” to “Single” on Facebook. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has the goods on that one. The other story is about a PR […]

What’s Good For CEOs and CMOs, Is Good For The Gander

Microsoft wants to sell something called “people ready business solutions.” So they asked JWT/New York to come up with something. JWT came up celebrity endorsements. Kind of. The campaign. with print and TV executions, features Coca-Cola North America CMO Katie Bayne, WestJet CEO Sean Durfy, Quiksilver CEO Robert McKnight and Eric Ryan, the co-founder and […]

Invest in the Brand Experience and Story

Barry Judge, Chief Marketing Officer at Best Buy, is offering up three principals for “marketing in a tough economy.” Seek out pockets of demand, and invest “Sweat” your marketing assets Invest in the brand experience and the brand story I like the last one. That’s what we’re in business to do.

River West Lofts Soon To House Beer Execs

How many meetings have I attended at the brewery in Golden? You can go right from the pitch, downstairs to the tasting room where tours end and free beer begins. You might say it’s a tradition, one that many Integer employees still practice. But all that is about to change. According to USA Today, MillerCoors […]

Future Brand Managers Have Field Day

Chicago Tribune has a sobering report on a party that got out of hand at The Field Museum. Turns out, the perps weren’t 8th graders from Cicero, they were students at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Kellogg spokeswoman Megan Washburn confirmed that… “Students were vomiting on themselves and on the Field Museum floors.” “Students […]

Clients Want A Pony For Christmas

Use it or lose it. That’s often the mindset when managing an annual marketing budget. Airbag Industries knows what I’m talking about: The Fall season always has some weirdness when it comes to announcements of new work. It’s usually around this time that I get a handful of last minute RFPs with aggressive schedules for […]

Clash Of The Titans

Most people in advertising love Wieden + Kennedy. Most people in advertising love Starbucks. Apparently, the two don’t feel the love for each other. Ad Age has the scoop: “Wieden always felt like it was a one-way relationship,” said an executive familiar with the matter. “They felt like they presented a way to drive the […]


Ad Age knows how to start Monday off with a bang. The trade mag looked at figures from 100 companies that disclosed CMO-level compensation and determined that their average compensation was $1.5 million in 2007. About one-fourth of that came from salary ($358,000); bonus, perks and non-equity incentive pay made up another fourth ($360,000). The […]

You Have To See Yourself Before You Can Laugh At Yourself

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