Doctors & Lawyers

The American Bar Association has named Ogilvy & Mather Chicago its agency of record following a review. “Ogilvy & Mather Chicago came to our attention because of their success with the American Medical Association,” explained Carolyn Lamm, President of the ABA. “They understand the corporate structure and needs of an Association such as the ABA.” […]

What Clients Really Think

RSW/US, a Cincinnati-based consultancy that helps agencies hone their new business development efforts, asked marketing execs at 200 companies including Nestle, Pfizer, Kraft Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, Hilton and Harrah’s 23 questions about their agencies. Here’s one of the questions and several random answers pulled directly from the report. Q. If you had one piece of advice […]

Desperately Seeking Clients With The Guts To Become Famous

Peter Holmes of Reason Partners in Toronto was reflecting on the special relationship Bill Bernbach and crew had with Robert C. Townsend, CEO of Avis Rent A Car in the 1960s. Mr. Townsend hired Bill Bernbach’s agency, DDB, on one condition put forward by Bill himself, “…run every ad we write where we tell you […]

Doing Great Work Is Relatively Easy, Selling It Is Not

Barry LaBov, founder and president of LaBov and Beyond in Fort Wayne, Indiana has noticed something about successful people in advertising. They: Commit to doing great, inspired work. Are engagers–they engage their clients, co-workers and suppliers in doing great work. Face the tough situations–they make sure their ideas are on-track, they demand great performance of […]

Skiing’s Not Dangerous And There’s Always Lots of Snow

According to Susan Greene of The Denver Post, Vail Resorts doesn’t take kindly to reports that it exaggerates snowfall reports. Even seemingly tame reports like this one from veteran reporter Bob Berwyn in a Nov. 19 column in the Summit Daily News: “I sometimes wonder whether the ski industry wouldn’t benefit more from being completely […]

It’s A Numbers Game Today

Several high profile clients are shopping around for new agency partners, but there’s a catch according to The Wall Street Journal. “The chief procurement officer has become more important than the chief marketing officer inside some companies,” says Joanne Davis, a new-business consultant in New York. About 80% of reviews now include procurement departments, up […]

Finally, A Workaround That Keeps Pesky Creatives At A Distance

The following is a student project from prematurely jaded Miami Ad School grads: The Ad-O-Matic from James Kiersted on Vimeo. I love how they torch the revolutionary idea to make room for a much safer one. [via AdFreak]

Hilton Throws Don Under Bus, Don Squirms Before He Squeals

In this week’s Mad Men episode, Don underwhelms Connie Hilton when new work for the hotel chain is presented. Hilton asks to speak to Don in private after he’s seen the boards. After everyone files out of the conference room, Don is on the defensive. Don: This is a good campaign. One of the best. […]

Want A Good Deal On A Used Caddy? Call (617) 451-1110

Take a good look at the spot below, because Cadillac won’t have the luxury of such well crafted spots in the near future. Ad Age is reporting that the “new GM” will drop Modernista from the Cadillac account. Since GM’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy this summer, the Detroit grapevine has swirled that Modernista was […]

Crap On A Stick, Cont.

Why, why, why? Yahoo! is launching a new ad campaign and from the looks of it, it’s terrible. Naturally, Elisa Steele, Yahoo’s EVP & Chief Marketing Officer doesn’t see it that way. She ill-advisedly tries to sell her shit kabons on Yodel Anecdotal, a company blog. This is much more than an advertising campaign. It’s […]