Don’t Panic, Grow Organic

John Adams planted a garden in the White House lawn. Will President Obama? According to Associated Press, many small scale organic farmers think it would be a great idea. In fact, they’ve organized on a Web site dedicated to nominating the nation’s first official White House Farmer. Over 27,000 votes have poured in so far. […]

Guest Post: Jerry Ketel Spiffs His Brand

Editor’s note: Jerry Ketel is one of Portland’s leading figures in the agency business. He runs a firm with his name on the door and he’s President of the Portland Ad Fed. Recently, Ketel attended a class that moved him. Here’s his account. Instead of navel gazing, maybe it’s time to rebrand yourself. Recently, I […]

Taking The Temperature of the Room

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is visiting Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Arrington says there’s fear in the air. There is a clear consensus among attendees that the worst is yet to come, and that we are facing the worst economic outlook of the last few generations. Some of the CEOs I’ve talked with […]

Is It A Service Or A Platform?

People are talking about Twitter possibly being worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Which people? Why, Sarah Lacy and Om Malik. Let’s listen.

Titles Are Static. Media Is Not.

Lots of people who are looking for work are asking Scoble for advice. And Scoble has copious advice for these seekers. Let’s just look at one item he offers: Demonstrate you are “clued in.” This means removing ANYTHING that says you are a “social media expert” from your Twitter account. There is no such thing […]

Moving Lunches Through Mumbai

Idris Mootee is educating us on India’s dabbawalas, or box persons. In Mumbai dabbawalas collect freshly cooked food in lunch boxes and deliver them to the workplace. The Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association is a streamlined 120-year-old organization with 4,500 semi-literate members providing a quality door-to-door service to a large and loyal customer base. It […]

Creative People Find Elegant Solutions (It’s Our Job)

Bill Taylor, co-author of Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win with Polly LaBarre, reminds us that tough economic times are also times of innovation. Don’t let risky times dull your appetite for taking risk. More then ever, companies and their leaders have to offer a positive alternative to a demoralizing […]

Brand Building 801

The news can be so damn depressing sometimes. It’s been so lately with all the droning on about the economy. But if you get your “news” from other sources, like Springwise, an entirely different world begins to come into focus. In this world, bright people are working on interesting things. While headlines in 2008 focused […]

Social Media’s Social Order

BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting blog endeavored to discover “voices of innovation” in social media. But “discover” may be too strong a word, since the list they provided features all the usual suspects. Seth Godin, for one, doesn’t like it. Trolling for traffic like this is beneath BW. This was a state of the art traffic trick about […]

A Sliver of Social Media, An Entire Helping of TV

Alan Wolk sees a new dawn for branded communications when he speaks of “The Great Unleveling”. …for the past fifty years, brands have been able to rely on marketing to “create a splash” for low-interest products and services. So that a clever TV spot with a catchy tag line really could have significant impact on […]