Back Scratch Fever

Jim Hanas, a freelance editor and writer living in New York City, found inspiration in heirarchy-flattening social bookmarking sites and has now brought the concept to life in an arena that means something to him (and others like him). has been making a lot of noise lately, and spawning a lot of imitators. Not […]

Oh, The Irony

Novelist and former CEO, Tom Evslin endeavored to write a review of John Battelle’s book, The Search. John Battelle is a strong supporter of having most everything searchable. Therefore, Evslin was surprised to see this disclaimer at the start of the book: The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via […]

Finally, A PDF That Pays

From Kottke: 37signals has published their latest book, Getting Real, as a PDF download that they are distributing themselves. After more than a day, they’ve sold over 1750 copies at $19 apiece: If you do the math, that’s ~$33,000 in sales in one day. I don’t know what the advance would be on a book […]

Can Creativity Be Taught In Schools?

This article in BusinessWeek doesn’t deal with creativity as the advertising business knows it, but the idea that kids today need to be taught to be innovative thinkers. In an interview with Sir Ken Robinson, he talks about the importance of nurturing innovative solutions in the classroom: Creativity is the latest buzzword in the corporate […]

Make Syd’s To Go

In the middle of a meditation on MySpace’s role in breaking out new bands, Syd Schwartz looked into his crystal ball… From my perspective, the landscape shift in social networking will be primarily based on one thing–portability of the user investment. It should be easy to simply pick up your lists of friends, bookmarks, tags, […]

Stop What You’re Doing. Do Something Else.

Chris Perry, Senior Vice President at Weber Shandwick is one of the PR heavyweights laying it down on Morph, “the Media Center conversation.” Are you listening to the market and adapting your communications to become part of the conversation? Or are you even looking in the right places to understand where your message may be […]

Change Is Only Scary When You Hide From It

A writer on the Fallon Planning Blog explores the continued need for traditional advertising agencies in the wake of so many upstart services intent on helping clients help themselves. The days (and fortunes) grow shorter for the traditional ad agency as nimble upstarts leverage technology advances to subvert our long-held business models. Below are some […]

Dear Scott

[via Darren Barefoot]

Making Fun Of Change Agent #1

Those Bastards, the meanest weblog on the web, has given birth to the Dave Winer “Bastards of the Blog” card. [via Blogebrity]

Building The Foundation With Story

Caterina points to the launch of Web 2.0 firm, Plum. Hans Peter, Plum’s founder, said this about the launch: There are many reasons to start companies. Perhaps we observe inefficiencies and opportunities in the market and realize that we can build a better solution. Or we see how something could work so much better and […]