The Greening Of Adlandia

Sustainability and advertising don’t exactly fit together like peas in a pod. Yet, after hearing industrialist-turned-environmentalist, Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, speak in Savannah two weeks ago, I know there is a place for green practices in the ad biz, just like there is at home, at school, at the gym, etc. Inspired chiefly by […]

Respect The Audience. Remove The Target.

Edelman account exec, Jeffrey Treem, left a thought-provoking comment on Amy Gahran’s Right Conversation. While I agree with your analysis about the value of strategic commenting, I wish you would have used a different phrase other than “target audiences.” Audiences, are a passive, static group subject to the traditional linear sender-receiver model. I think we […]

Modern Day Dinosaurs Still Have Time To Adapt

Grant McCracken is sure there is an “anthropology of decline” that documents the symptomatology of regime transition. In fact, he keeps a simple typology on cardboard in his wallet….to make it easier to identity institutions in their last days. Stage 1. Benign neglect In the early days of regime transition, the incumbent (aka New York […]

The Old Swipe Swindle

Do you like to raise hell against retail stupidity and injustice? Good. Here’s one for you. According to Consumerist, stores that ask for a minimum purchase to swipe your credit card, are most likely violating their merchant agreement.

Let Words Work For You. Let Them Be Your Friend.

Todd at The Bullshit Observer dug up some wonderful thinking from a premier actor in one of his old concepting journals. MALKOVICH: We’re incredibly inarticulate, as a culture. We don’t really like language; I think we have a fundamental distrust of it. It probably has something to do with the fact that, to a great […]


The team of trend spotters at Trendwatching have coined another new term, something they’re more than slightly adept at doing. This month’s term is “Infolust.” Experienced consumers are lusting after detailed infromation on where to get the best of the best, the cheapest of the cheapest, the first of the first, the healthiest of the […]

Contribute Something To The Culture

Deborah Morrison, an academic with a storied history of preparing creatives for the ad biz, recently penned an interesting column for Talent Zoo. Her thesis is that creatives often look beyond the brief, to make larger commentary on the society. There’s a solid group of professionals working out there, creating content beyond the simple obligation […]

Adapting To Marketplace Democratization No Easy Feat

Steve Rubel wants brands to “get down with the people.” What Rubel left unsaid, is that to successfully do so, marketers must first get down off their thrones. And while this makes perfect sense, what royal wants to freely give up their seat to save the kingdom? Today I participated in a meeting with a […]

A Little Action On The Side

Jason Fried of 37 Signals likes the side business idea. At SxSW a few weeks ago I spoke about starting a side business instead of quitting your job. Build something on the side. Give it a go and see what happens. If there’s something there, then take it to the next step. It’s hard to […]

“Read The Freakin’ Manual” Sayeth Rubel

The manual Rubel speaks of–“Social Computing: How Networks Erode Institutional Power, And What to Do About It” from Forrester–costs $299. So, I think I’ll pass. However, I will study the chart, he kindly provided.