Willie Whiskey

Inspired by Willie Nelson’s 1978 hit song of the same name, Old Whiskey River is an 86 proof, small batch bourbon. According to the brand’s site, the bourbon is handcrafted by seventh and eigth generation master distillers in Bardstown, which is located serendipitously, in Nelson County, Kentucky. Willie has truly made his mark on the […]

It Takes Money To Walk Away From Money

The LA Times is running a story on John Densmore, the drummer for The Doors. Mr. Densmore won’t sell out and that is a story today, especially considering that you have Dylan, Sir Paul, Led Zep and The Stones all lending their creations to corporate interests. “People lost their virginity to this music, got high […]

Andie’s Hair On Red Alert

Tim Nudd at Adfreak picked up on Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor’s disgruntlement over L’Oréal’s big hair adverts. Sinead particularly disdains the ads for L’Oréal’ featuring American actress, Andie MacDowell. “I absolutely hate those hair commercials she’s done. They drive me crazy. She looks so prim and proper. “If I ever get the opportunity to meet […]

The Wooing Of Wie

Betsey Cleans Up

American Copywriter points out that fashion designer, Betsey Johnson, is bringing her Fall Fashion Week designs to O-Cel-O™ brand scrub sponges. Share

H&M Wants Kate “Healthy, Wholesome And Sound”

Softpedia: Supermodel Kate Moss apologized to her bosses for using drugs and promised to enter rehab, after a British tabloid ran photos of her doing lines of cocaine in a London recording studio. Moss, 31, who was photographed by Daily Mirror journalists snorting a line of the class A drug on the back of a […]

The Secret’s Out

Ad Age: Procter & Gamble Co.’s Secret antiperspirant may be strong enough for a man, but it’s made for a woman race-car driver -– specifically 23-year-old Indy Racing League phenom Danica Patrick, who is becoming a pitchwoman for the leading U.S. women’s deodorant. In a deal announced today, the 2005 Indy 500 rookie of the […]

Bob Dylan Shills For The Kaiser, And Opposition Mounts

When the unmistakable opening guitar chords of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’” popped up during a commercial break, I perked up my ears. Turns out Kaiser Permanente is using Dylan to promote its new “Thrive” campaign, encouraging people to adopt healthy habits. But some people don’t like it–as evidenced by this website, which […]

Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Me

So I’m sitting here watching “The Today Show” when a commercial for Purell Hand Soap comes on, with MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” in the background. Then it occurred to me that I just saw him a month ago dancing in a Nationwide Insurance commercial to “U Can’t Touch This” implying “Hey, you too […]

Tune Playing In Pam’s Head: Freebird

Female First: Busty beauty Pamela Anderson has ditched a personal appearance at US pet store Petco’s 40th anniversary convention this week, because she learned the chain sells live birds. Staff at the legendary pet store were thrilled at the prospect of bringing the former Baywatch babe on board for their celebrations, but they refused to […]