I’ll Have A Foot-Long Turkey With Extra Guilt

Watching football today, I saw an odd spot for Subway. We see B&W images of hurricane victims and a solemn voice-over saying how Subway will donate an upcoming day’s profits to hurricane victims. You can see a :15 version of the spot at Subway’s web site where it says “Hurricane Relief Efforts.” It’s all perfectly […]

The Best Anti-Turtle Egg Ad Ever

Who needs Cialis or Viagra when you’ve got turtle eggs? From The Seattle Times: A campaign aimed at halting the illegal consumption of endangered sea turtles’ eggs has run into trouble before it starts, with a women’s group asking officials to block public-service announcements featuring a scantily clad model. “My man does not need turtle […]

Honda On The Hydrogen Highway

PSFK points to a Honda press release, announcing the introduction of the “revolutionary FCX, an advanced hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle.” Jon and Sandy Spallino of Redondo Beach, California, who signed a two-year lease on the vehicle, become some of the first non-fleet users of this environmentally-friendly transportation technology. The Spallino family will also be among […]

Club Sandwiches Not Seals

If the medium is the message, then environmental consciousness is oh so fashionable and hip today. Could it be that Ms. Hilton is more caring (and clever) than she lets on? Thanks to A Socialite’s Life for the image. Share

Lipton Takes The Plunge For Our Parks

from Ad Age: Unilever Foods, expanding its long-running sponsorship of the America Share