Created By No Man’s Hands

Lewis Lazare is lovin’ the new pro-bono campaign from Y&R/Chicago (for good reason). Sad to say, we live in a world where just about everything is deemed disposable. It’s all too easy to dump one thing and get something else, which usually means something more expensive and flashier. At least that’s the way it goes […]

Greenhouse Gases Must Be Good If An Ad Says They Are

From Reuters: A little girl blows away dandelion fluff as an announcer says, “Carbon dioxide: they call it pollution; we call it life,” in an advertisement targeting global warming “alarmists,” especially Al Gore. The television ads, screened for the press on Wednesday and set to air in 14 U.S. cities starting on Thursday, are part […]

Shelter From The Storm

Last night, MSNBC aired a debate among mayoral candidates from New Orleans. What would have normally been a regional broadcast went national, as the Crescent City’s future hangs in the balance. Given that the situation is so tenuous, it’s nice to see this story about KB Home in USA TODAY. KB Home, one of the […]

Birkenstocks Not Required

From USA TODAY: Colgate on Tuesday became the second multinational corporation in a week to buy a small company with a social responsibility message. It bought 84% of Tom’s of Maine, the all-natural personal care brand based in Kennebunk, Maine, for $100 million. Friday, French cosmetics giant L’Oreal bought London-based retailer The Body Shop, a […]

Ford’s Takes Credit For Helping To Create Black Middle Class

High Jive is exploring Black History Month ads, which he says are “a pain-in-the-ass to produce, given the politcally correct nature of it all.” Here’s one sample from 2005. The ad reads, in part: In 1913, One Ad Changed The Face Of America’s Middle Class. Henry Ford recognized the value of a skilled workforce—regardless of […]

Dallas Secedes From Bible Belt

Brandweek: The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau wants to get the word out that the Texas city welcomes everyone unconditionally. The bureau’s new Web site launched this week,, features content for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender travelers including GLBT TAG- (Travel Alternatives Group) Approved hotels—now standing at 16 properties—and other gay-friendly restaurants, art museums […]

Sedgwick Rd Sticks It To Tobacco

Putting gross things–like a cockroach–in your mouth is disgusting. So why smoke? That’s the gist of this new campaign for Washington’s anti-smoking efforts, care of Seattle agency, Sedgwick Rd. [via Adrants]

Show Us Your Tips

Ad Age reports that the city of New Orleans, for the first time ever, is seeking corporate sponsors for Mardi Gras. New Orleans has hired Los Angeles-based Media Buys to secure corporate sponsorship for Mardi Gras next month, the first time the city has sought to offset the expenses of the carnival with marketing. But […]

Good Google

USA TODAY: That many small businesses have grown tremendously thanks to Google’s pay-per-click advertising is well known. The low cost of entry and the fact that advertisers only have to pay if an ad is clicked has brought hundreds of thousands to the new medium, with amazing success stories. Less well-known is that many non-profits […]

Cloaked In Knowledge

Tolga Büyükdoganay, an Art Director who moved from Istanbul to Austria in order to work for FCB sent us some of his award winning work. The above print ad for Unicef is particularly poignant. The body copy (care of Patrik Partl) says, “More education for girls in Islamic countries.”