Pro-Bono Related Silence

Well, David’s been carrying the load the last few days…like he does pretty much all the time. I spent the weekend filming and editing a video for a local charity that resettles refugees who come to America without a penny. Which promptly made me glad to be born in this country and makes day-to-day advertising […]

Bees Are Buzzing Off And That’s A Big Problem

According to Adweek, Burt’s Bees is partnering with the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign to tackle the Colony Collapse Disorder issue (an issue 60 Minutes recently addressed). The natural personal care comany, which recently agred to be acquired by Clorox, addresses the environmental issue in a new public service announcement, online marketing and consumer sampling. […]

It’s Hip To Be Green

The New York Times reports on NBC’s Green Week, now underway. With all the greenwashing going on, the paper brings a cool eye to the effort, but gives NBC room to explain. “For a very cynical world, this is a very earnest effort,” said Lauren Zalaznick, the president of Bravo Media and head of the […]

The Opportunity In Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate

Cause-related marketing is increasingly taking center stage these days. According to Ad Age, Coca-Cola Co. is the latest mega marketer to toss some chips in this pile. In the mid-1980s, Coke t-shirts, sweatshirts, miniskirts and even eyeglasses were all the rage. So, in a nod to its past but clearly conscious of a growing consumer […]

Timberland Is All Earthy And Stuff

According to Adweek, Timberland will offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the commercial transmission of their latest campaign with wind power generated in Massachusetts and New York facilities. Billboards will be repurposed into tote bags for sale at Timberland outlets, and other print materials will be recycled following the campaign. Havas’ Arnold in Boston […]

Affordable Housing Needed

One out of every 32 people living in the artsy beachfront community of Venice, CA is homeless. Wong Doody aims to do something about it. To raise awareness about the problem and the dire living situations that the homeless face, the Seattle- and LA-based agency is targeting existing Venice residents with a guerilla campaign from […]

A Disturbing Image Provokes Action

image courtesy of That Other Blog Isabelle Caro, a 27-year old French woman who weighs just 68 lbs has suffered from anorexia since she was 13. She’s also the star of a highly charged new ad campaign from Nolita, an Italian fashion label. Double-page spreads of the ads, which brutally expose her and her disease, […]

Someone Has To Provide Energy. It Might As Well Be Chevron.

Ad Age shows that even the most heinous of industries can–with the help of clever ad men and women–turn perception on its head. It’s an ambitous road, turning something as dirty as oil into a cause that benefits humanity. But that’s what Chevron intends to do. Roughly 10% of Americans “hate us and our industry […]