Ford’s Takes Credit For Helping To Create Black Middle Class

High Jive is exploring Black History Month ads, which he says are “a pain-in-the-ass to produce, given the politcally correct nature of it all.” Here’s one sample from 2005. The ad reads, in part: In 1913, One Ad Changed The Face Of America’s Middle Class. Henry Ford recognized the value of a skilled workforce—regardless of […]

Dallas Secedes From Bible Belt

Brandweek: The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau wants to get the word out that the Texas city welcomes everyone unconditionally. The bureau’s new Web site launched this week,, features content for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender travelers including GLBT TAG- (Travel Alternatives Group) Approved hotels—now standing at 16 properties—and other gay-friendly restaurants, art museums […]

Sedgwick Rd Sticks It To Tobacco

Putting gross things–like a cockroach–in your mouth is disgusting. So why smoke? That’s the gist of this new campaign for Washington’s anti-smoking efforts, care of Seattle agency, Sedgwick Rd. [via Adrants] Share

Show Us Your Tips

Ad Age reports that the city of New Orleans, for the first time ever, is seeking corporate sponsors for Mardi Gras. New Orleans has hired Los Angeles-based Media Buys to secure corporate sponsorship for Mardi Gras next month, the first time the city has sought to offset the expenses of the carnival with marketing. But […]

Good Google

USA TODAY: That many small businesses have grown tremendously thanks to Google’s pay-per-click advertising is well known. The low cost of entry and the fact that advertisers only have to pay if an ad is clicked has brought hundreds of thousands to the new medium, with amazing success stories. Less well-known is that many non-profits […]

Cloaked In Knowledge

Tolga Büyükdoganay, an Art Director who moved from Istanbul to Austria in order to work for FCB sent us some of his award winning work. The above print ad for Unicef is particularly poignant. The body copy (care of Patrik Partl) says, “More education for girls in Islamic countries.” Share


Lewis Lazare: “Peace” is the central message in two new public service spots being released this month from Romani Bros./Chicago for Rotary International. The campaign tagline, as it was in an earlier campaign spotlighting Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio, is “Humanity in Motion.” The more arresting of the two new commercials is “Symbols,” a well-edited […]

Banking On Eco-Consciousness

ShoreBank Pacific, a Washington State chartered, FDIC insured bank, is the first commercial bank in the United States with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development. We believe that long-term community prosperity goes hand-in-hand with a healthy environment. Through our lending programs, we support individual and community efforts to bring together conservation and economic development. […]

TBWA Explores The Outter Limits Of The Golden Rule

Here’s some visually provocative work from TBWA/Paris. According to Humans for Animals (the client here), animal cruelty is a problem that is not going away. Everyday, more and more animals around the globe are falling victim to the most atrocious abuse imaginable. And sadly enough, most governments and people who have the power to help, […]

Erwin-Penland Makes Upstanding Gesture

Adweek: The front row of seats on 15 public transportation buses in Greenville, S.C., bear black ribbons in memory of Rosa Parks, the Alabama cleaning woman who helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to surrender her bus seat to a white man. The ribbons carry the message, “Sometimes you have to sit down […]