Taking Truth Where The Teens (Supposedly) Are

Brandweek looks at the anti-smoking forces move into the social media space. The American Legacy Foundation’s national smoking prevention campaign aimed at youth tackles social networking Web sites with the latest phase of the “Infect truth” campaign. Starting this week, materials like truth wallpaper, branded bumper stickers and even ads that can be affixed onto […]

What Conscious Consumers Want, Conscious Consumers Get

St. Paul Pioneer Press reports on the growth of the fair-trade movement. Bluejeans made from cotton bought from impoverished African growers at above the market rate are making their debut in Europe. Their French manufacturer, Rica Lewis, bills them as the world’s first jeans to be created from 100 percent fair-trade cotton. The fair-trade movement […]

Non-Profits Can Host Their Sites For Free…In Perpetuity

Dreamhost is an innovator in its space. They have a robust referral program, where people can earn serious cash for recommending their services. Now they want to hook up non-profit organizations with FREE web hosting. In order to prove your non-profit status we need to receive one crucial piece of documentation. This is an official […]

The Fine Line Between Drunk And Stupid

Grey/San Francisco is behind this new anti-binge drinking campaign from Youth Ledership Institute. The campaign’s Unhappy Hour blog dispenses facts like: 70% of college students binge drink before doing really stupid things to themselves and/or others.

Union Uses YouTube To Let Some Air Out Of Goodyear

For several months now, a strike at Goodyear has forced the tire maker to use non-union workers and managers to produce the tires. Now, the United Steelworkers Union has produced an ad campaign to warn consumers that these scab-produced tires might not be up to snuff. And they’ve put some of the ads on YouTube, […]

Sharpies On Toast

Inspired by the smashing success of Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage, Pete Kerr and his wife Heather and their friend from work Karys from Belfast, Northern Ireland, have launched a like concept. There are a couple of key differences from Tew’s experiement. One, the money raised goes to charity. Two, everyone gets the same size […]

For Whom The Bridge Tolls

Ad Age is reporting that San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is looking for corporate sponsors to help subsidize the landmark’s $87 million deficit. Local ad luminaries don’t like the idea. Paul Venables says having the name of an out-of-town company on the bridge “would be horrible” and “make a mockery of our city.” Hal Riney […]

Stop Racism In Soccer…Uh, I Mean Football

Some ads are so simple they just make you go, “Damn, that’s clever.” I haven’t had one of those moments recently until I saw this poster on AdLand for FootballResistance.com: For those of you Americans who don’t think much about soccer, the European soccer community is having a big problem with racism among its fans […]

US Government Goes Viral With The Anti-Drug Message

Can really stoned people run like the wind? From CNN: The White House is distributing government-produced, anti-drug videos on YouTube, the trendy Internet service that already features clips of wacky, drug-induced behavior and step-by-step instructions for growing marijuana plants. The government linked its videos with the terms “war on drugs,” “peer-pressure,” “marijuana,” “weed,” “ONDCP” and […]

Gifting Decisions, Like Purchases, Driven By Self-Interest

According to Business Week, Cornell University business major Matthew Zimmerman got a practical education in advertising this summer, thanks to his Sinek Partners internship. He had to figure out a way for beggars to increase their revenue streams by creating new marketing tools—in this case, signs—for them to use. “My goal was to create an […]