Google The Good

Google Earth, a satellite mapping service from the search giant that seeks to “do no evil,” has teamed with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in a bold move to shine light on the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. photo courtesy of Houtlust Thanks to this initiative, 200 million Google Earth users worldwide can now literally […]

Ad Age Seeing Red

Ad Age explores reactions to the much ballyhooed Red campaign designed to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The campaign’s inherent appeal to conspicuous consumption has spurred a parody by a group of San Francisco designers and artists, who take issue with Bono’s rallying cry. “Shopping is not a solution. Buy […]

The Greening Of Brandlandia

Financial Times reports that companies are increasingly looking to make green claims in the face of heightened consumer scrutiny. The heads of AMV BBDO, JWT, Ogilvy, RKCR/Y&R and Saatchi & Saatchi have told the FT they believe green advertising will grow in the next 12 months. The agencies say environmental branding has risen up boards’ […]

Save the Crabs, Then Eat ‘Em

Marketing for Change, whose motto is “Our business is behavior change,” is using a unique twist to advertise a local environmental initiative. Instead of leaning on the tired old “save wildlife” mantra, their campaign for a cleaner Chesapeake Bay relies on a more selfish approach—human appetite for blue crabs. Here’s a TV spot from the […]

Thoughtful Smokers Make Fewer Enemies

The Wall Street Journal looks at one tobacco company’s attempt to create a kindler, gentler smoker. The world’s No. 3 tobacco maker is betting on an unusual strategy amid a widening backlash against smoking: Keep smokers on their best behavior. Japan Tobacco Ltd. is bombarding Japanese subways, newspapers and billboards with ads that resemble earnest […]

Education Is A Cause Worth Campaigning For

Publicis/New York is encouraging high school students to take the steps necessary to attend college. According to the press release, the KnowHow2GO campaign primarily targets low-income students in grades 8 to 10, and secondarily, their parents and adult influencers. Research conducted for the campaign showed that low-income and first-generation students have high aspirations for college, […]

Taking Truth Where The Teens (Supposedly) Are

Brandweek looks at the anti-smoking forces move into the social media space. The American Legacy Foundation’s national smoking prevention campaign aimed at youth tackles social networking Web sites with the latest phase of the “Infect truth” campaign. Starting this week, materials like truth wallpaper, branded bumper stickers and even ads that can be affixed onto […]

What Conscious Consumers Want, Conscious Consumers Get

St. Paul Pioneer Press reports on the growth of the fair-trade movement. Bluejeans made from cotton bought from impoverished African growers at above the market rate are making their debut in Europe. Their French manufacturer, Rica Lewis, bills them as the world’s first jeans to be created from 100 percent fair-trade cotton. The fair-trade movement […]

Non-Profits Can Host Their Sites For Free…In Perpetuity

Dreamhost is an innovator in its space. They have a robust referral program, where people can earn serious cash for recommending their services. Now they want to hook up non-profit organizations with FREE web hosting. In order to prove your non-profit status we need to receive one crucial piece of documentation. This is an official […]

The Fine Line Between Drunk And Stupid

Grey/San Francisco is behind this new anti-binge drinking campaign from Youth Ledership Institute. The campaign’s Unhappy Hour blog dispenses facts like: 70% of college students binge drink before doing really stupid things to themselves and/or others. Share