Have The Good Sense To Have Heart, Soul And Guts

Fact: you don’t win big at Cannes unless you first sell the work to a fat cat client. Like P&G. According to Adweek, Dan Wieden knows how to sell, and how to get his clients to bend their own rules for the sake of the work. At the concept stage, the Old Spice campaign wasn’t […]

Can Creativity Be Codified?

On the heels the annual migration of hyper-privileged advertising execs to Cannes, let’s consider the value of a firm’s “creativity” to their new business process. Business development specialist, Blair Enns, asks, “Can Anyone Own the *More Creative* Market Position?” While creative quality gets a firm on the consideration list, unlike more meaningful differentiators (deep expertise) […]

Cannes 2011 Is In The Can

Wieden + Kennedy and Droga5 cleaned up at Cannes. Fast Company has the low down. In other news, a highly selective cadre of ad people are waking up with hangovers, and making their way back to London, Sydney, New York and so on. George Parker, writing from Boise, has been there and done that. The […]

Content In The Royal Court


Dyaln Byers of Adweek had lunch with Carl Johnson of Anomaly on the terrace of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes this week. Byers asked Johnson how he felt about the notion that “content is king.” “I don’t agree with that,” he said. “I think it sends you down the wrong track. I’d say the emphasis […]

Yahoo! Scene Also At Cannes

Yahoo! Scene has a team of reporters churning out content from Cannes, including ad bloggers Steve Hall, Ask Wappling and Angela Natividad. Here’s a quick look at some of Yahoo’s video coverage:

Tune In To TVWA (No, That’s Not A Typo)

TBWA France is shooting some interesting video at Cannes this week, and tweaking the agency’s call letters ever so slightly in the process. There are times when big agency life looks quite good from afar. This is one of those times.