Icelandic Bank Had Big Goals And A Big Production Budget

If you’re going to aim, aim high, I suppose. As BusinessInsider points out, the Icelandic bank Kraupthing eventually went under. But this is some serious branding candy: I can only imagine the company-wide meeting where they rolled out this overblown spot. I’m sure they all thought they’d change the world, one deposit slip at a […]

Will You Look To Pork For Inspiration?

The National Pork Board has decided to drop its longtime campaign around “The Other White Meat” for a new positioning: Pork: Be Inspired. Now, I’m often the first one in the room to suggest that a client or brand I’m working on take a more elevated position or try to make itself feel bigger than […]

Time For A Nuuner

Seattle- and London-based, Creature has revamped a suite of brand visuals for sports hydration brand, Nuun. The re-brand marks a departure away from the science-heavy nature of the category. Nuun tablets dissolve in water producing a refreshing, sugar-free sports beverage with fewer than eight calories per tab. The company was started by endurance athletes dissatisfied […]

We’re Moving From Aspirational Brands To Meaningful Brands

Umair Haque is Director of the Havas Media Lab. He’s also a contributor to Harvard Business Review. I like how Haque says (at the 5:36 point) that people are beginning to value nature, the future, society, one another and their own sense of purpose and well being. This is a great global shift, sometimes we […]

Walgreens’ Pharmacists Recommend The Store Brand

According to The New York Times, Walgreens is investing in its own brand of merchandise and encouraging consumers to opt for the store brand. The campaign is the first time Walgreens has gone beyond Sunday newspaper circulars and in-store signs to advertise its own brand. The campaign emphasizes the affordability and quality of the Walgreens […]

Absinthe Isn’t Absent In Adland Anymore

The history of absinthe is quite an interesting and controversial one, and the drink only became legal again to import in the US in 2007–it had been banned since 1912. This week, as MediaPost reports, Lucid absinthe is making a splash in LA with a number of outdoor executions. Said Jared Gurfein, President and CEO […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Google’s CEO Disses FB, Says Microsoft Is The Competition

The business press loves to frame things, because frames make a nice presentation, even if they’re not always factual. At the same time, it can be a mistake to take a corporate titan at his word. Let’s have a look at Eric Schmidt’s word, delivered in Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum. “We […]

Ted Williams Gets Big — And Crispin Gets Fast for Kraft

For homeless-turned-hot sensation Ted Williams, it’s been a whirlwind. His Kraft voiceover is already in the can. Or rather, the box. Seriously, I love that an agency can act so fast to capitalize on something like this. But why is it that the only other thing I noticed about this spot is that when the […]

GUESS by Marciano Is Not Just A Clothing Line, It’s An Aphrodisiac

Brands Too Can Be Repurposed

An auction of office equipment and movie memorabilia was held earlier this year at the Movie Gallery/Hollywood Entertainment headquarters in Wilsonville. Now the bankrupt company is preparing to auction off its brand names, digital assets and customer information. According to The Oregonian, the Nov. 9 auction will be handled by the valuation firm Streambank of […]