I’ll Have Whatever Heidi’s Having

New York Daily News reports that German supermodel, Heidi Klum is McDonald’s newest celebrity spokesperson. Klum joins Justin Timberlake and Beyonce as corporate mouthpieces for the fast-food giant. Klum is also the spokeswoman for Target stores and Birkenstock shoes. “Heidi is the best partner. She’s a young mother and represents modern lifestyle,” said McDonald’s spokesman […]

Once You’re The Real Thing It’s Hard To Pretend

“Candidly, our advertising has not been as consistently effective as it needs to be.” -Chuck Fruit, Coca-Cola’s Chief Marketing Officer Coca-Cola issued a manifesto for change earlier this month. Admitting that they have under-invested in some of their core brands, the soft drink giant is prepared to spend an additional $400 million on advertising in […]

Jeeves Finds Profits From Search

USA TODAY reports on the amazing turnaround engineered by internet search firm Jeeves. For its recent third quarter, Jeeves reported $75.7 million in revenue, up 178% from the same quarter a year ago, similar to Google’s third-quarter results, which were up 105%, and Yahoo’s 157% revenue growth. This is a case where better product, not […]

Goldfish Swim From New York To Atlanta

from The New York Times: A large client of Young & Rubicam Advertising in New York, the Campbell Soup Company, has quietly decided to seek ideas to promote a major product line from a far smaller agency specializing in unconventional creative approaches. The Pepperidge Farm unit of Campbell Soup has asked BrightHouse Live in Atlanta […]

How Hard Is It To Understand You May Have To Kill People?

The U.S. Army has given a facelift to its Web site, www. goarmy.com, to make the enlistment decision easier for potential recruits and their families. Some 12,000 pages of content and a half-million lines of code were condensed to 2,500 pages to make the “soldier experience” easier to understand. You won’t be a killer, you’ll […]

Yessum Massah

“Has the sport become too edgy, too young and culturally black, for the predominantly corporate and well-heeled white audiences that have helped make Stern’s league a major Madison Avenue player over the last two decades?” -Harvey Araton in The New York Times Indiana Pacer, Ron Artest going after “the fan” who threw a drink on […]

Perfect For The Wannabe Gangsta On Your Christmas List

At only 25, Michael Kobold is the youngest president in the luxury goods industry. Kobold watches range in price from $1,500 to $22,500. Kobold personally designs every watch and ensures that each and every one meets his personal expectations of quality. He also acts as his own ad agency, creating the ads that represent his […]

Yellow Tries To Make White And Brown Frown

There are brand overhauls and then there are brand overhauls. While DHL is a leader in many overseas markets, their US presence has been weak. But all that has changed in recent months with a major ad campaign from O+M New York and a total repackaging of the German-based firm’s corporate identity. The new look […]

Big Boxes Put The Squeeze On Branded Goods

from Crain’s Chicago Business: According to consumer research firm Leo J. Shapiro & Associates LLC, which conducts an annual brand preference survey for trade magazine DSN Retailing Today 81% of consumers had a brand preference for groceries and canned foods in 1996. This year, only 63% of consumers said so. With the massive growth of […]

Nike Sticks Its Neck Out

The CEO of S.C. Johnson in Racine, WI–one of the world’s largest makers of consumer chemical products, including Drano, Glade, Johnson, OFF!, Pledge, Raid, Shout, Windex, and Ziploc–is on his way to Beaverton, OR and the campus of Nike. Nike founder, Phil Knight, 66 is letting go of the day-to-day operations (and his corner suite) […]