A Textbook “Marketing As Service” Example

SPAR, founded in the Netherlands in 1932, is the world’s largest international food retail chain with nearly 16,000 stores in 34 countries. According to JWT’s AnxietyIndex*, SPAR supermarkets in Prague have launched a special online tool to help consumers deal with the economic crisis. Consumers can print a new discount shopping voucher every day. They […]

Irrelevance Blows

Is your marketing relevant? Is the product or service that’s being marketed? These are tough questions in the ad biz. Brutal, really. Alan Wolk, for one, understands the lack of relevance in our midst, and what a danger it is. Agencies have stopped being relevant. Much of what they produce is reactive, out-of-date and lacks […]

Let’s Use Words To Describe What We Mean

Bob Gilbreath, Bridge Worldwide’s Chief Marketing Strategist, is a big fan of “Marketing With Meaning” (the concept, and the actual words). I’m thrilled that Supe and Schmidtt (from Razorfish) align on the use of the word “meaningful” to describe the concept that we are dedicated to promoting. We sometimes find that the word only conjures […]

To Do In 2009: Launch a Successful Mobile Marketing Program

Mobile is freaking HUGE right now. So is lifestyle content and branded utility. According to Ad Age, the three are, in fact, dating. In the past month alone brands like Kraft, Nike, Gap, REI and Friskies have built mobile applications that offer their customers something of value. REI, for one, is offering snow reports to […]

Out of Home On Two Wheels

Branded utility is becoming a buzzword, but when the examples are this flawless, I can’t help but be impressed. According to Ad Age, Clear Channel Outdoor, which runs several self-service public bicycle rental programs in Europe, has brought the concept to Washington, DC. The initial rollout features a total of 120 bikes at 10 rental […]

Do Let The Grass Grow Under Your Feet

I’m a big fan of branded utility. So I ought to be impressed by this out of the box example from Krispy Kreme in the UK. We Heart Stuff describes the grass flip flops as an “ideal solution to those ’stuck-in-the-office-blues’ by offering stressed out city workers the chance to have that feeling of a […]

Getting A Charge Out of Samsung

Drew Neisser and Jonah Bloom, like most business travelers today, need to get their charge on. Bloom describes the scene: After about half an hour of staring at the space where a plane should’ve been, we’re granted the announcement we knew was coming: The 3:30 p.m. out of LAX is now the 4:50 p.m., which […]

Invite Yourself To The Client’s Private Party

Adrian Ho at Zeus Jones is reflecting on leading firms like Google that “don’t really use advertising agencies and instead rely upon innovative business ideas to communicate their benefits and values to their customers.” Ho also mentions Alex Bogusky’s 2004 claim that “everything is an ad” and wonders how ad people are coping with that […]

Virals Are So 2007

Increasingly, branded utility is the big topic of the day. Brian Morrissey of Adweek is on it and so are members of the digerati. Here’s what Jeff Benjamin, interactive cd at Crispin has to say: Rather than craft a one-off Web site, advertisers want to build brand loyalty by providing utilities that both improve people’s […]