The Bloatosphere Is A Planner’s Paradise

Cambridge-educated brand planner Richard Huntington wonders aloud on his blog adliterate if blogging is killing planning. The idea that blogging is killing planning is arrant nonsense. The main accusation is that it encourages people to share half thought through thinking. Well no shit, in a 2.0 world where you should always be in Beta test, […]

Brand Planner Gets Her Hands Dirty In Cranberry Bog

A cognitive scientist in the employ of Arnold is responsible for clouding up what was once a very simple execution. Yuo know the one—two men in the role of cranberry growers stand knee-deep in a bog. The duo has been appearing in Ocean Spray ads since late 2005. But now the growers have company in […]

It’s Not A Website, It’s Your Customer’s First Point Of Contact

Randon Culture points to this Financial Times story on corporate websites. At the center of the story is BP’s decision not to scrap its site altogether in 2002. For companies, websites are often a first point of contact with the outside world. So how can they make the best impression? Someone – though not necessarily […]

Monetize Me!

People are thinking a lot about how to monetize “new” media, such as podcasts and blogs. Well, prepare for a game-changing bomb drop right here on AdPulp. What I’m talking about is monetizing old media; namely, me. Case Study: Gavin Gavin is a 14-year-old developmentally disabled boy who lives in my neighborhood. For a few […]

Making Sense Of The Snippets

This story from The New York Times sounds strangely familiar. The accelerating speed of business and the relentless churn of consumer trends can create nightmares for marketers and their advertising agencies. By the time clients and creative directors realize that hemlines are going down, they may actually be rising again. Some agencies are responding by […]

Free From The Code Of Sameness

Jennifer Whetzel of Sullivan Higdon Sink attended the 4As Planning Conference in Chicago and had this to say: So the conference kicked off yesterday with a great incitation by John Hunt, the Worldwide Creative Director of TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris. He defined Account Planners as the intelligentsia of the advertising industry. He charged us with the task of […]