Smells Like School Spirit

from Forbes: Branded products have long been a strong draw in college stores, where they represent 10% of sales to identity-seeking students and nostalgic alums. But recently other consumers are buying into college brands as well. “Here’s what I think is interesting,” says Find/SVP analyst Kate Pennell, “foreign tourists are now snapping up college logos […]

Mica Could Be Mega

Ernie Schenck might consider buying a Mica MP3 player from Norway, if it wasn’t for the power of Apple

Watch Out Vegas

from Montgomery Advertiser: About 50 people, some clutching caf

Where’s The Love?

Brand loyalty is normally something that’s earned over time, but that’s not the case when one is on the payroll of a given packaged goods company. Having worked on the Coors business for several years, I was made acutely aware of the necessity of drinking Coors anywhere near my coworkers, or the client. To do […]

Furniture Assembly Is Like Hunting Game (Minus The Blood And Guts)

from The Independent: A new book claims that a shopping trip to Ikea improves marital harmony. Great Ikea! A Brand for All the People, published later this month, attributes much of the store’s success to the fact that its self-assembly furniture allows men to reclaim their hunter-gatherer roots, and so keep their relationships healthy – […]

Free Poster! (Is That Good Marketing?)

Seth Godin recently wrote a list of “What Every Good Marketer Should Know” and the folks at BrandPlay have designed his words as a downloadable PDF poster. You can download it by clicking here. Among the nuggets I particularly like are: “Marketing is the way your people answer the phone, the typesetting on your bills […]

Brand Evangelists All Over Flickr

We know that brand managers need be monitoring what’s being said about their brands in the bloatosphere, by using Technorati, for instance. It might also be wise for them to see what’s being posted to Flickr and other photo-sharing sites. In a quick experiment I turned up all sorts of interesting brand-centered images, proving (in […]

Record Execs Go From “Thick Headed” To “Deaf, Dumb And Blind”

Wired reports that Fiona Apple finished her latest record Extraordinary Machine in 2003 but it was never released by her label, Epic Records, because the suits apparently claimed it lacked a hit single. Epic is a subsidiary of Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Fiona Apple with Jon Brion, producer of Extraordinary Machine When questioned about the […]

The Yin Yang Of Yuengling Appreciation

In the mid-1980s I was a college student in Lancaster, PA. As such, locally produced beers like Yuengling and Rolling Rock were a regular part of my party diet. They were also incredibly cheap back then, like nine bucks a case. Over time, I acquired a taste for finer things and turned to Anchor Steam, […]

Some Perspective Please

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba have extended the idea of citizen journalism to the field of marketing. On their blog, Church of the Customer, they wax poetic about where they see this new development going. “Traditional media structures are undergoing vast molecular changes that decentralize their power, diminish their reach and usurp their authority. This […]