Steal Your Face Right Off Your Head

Grateful Dead, or what’s left of it, just made a terrible move. By demanding that their live and unreleased music be taken off sites like and, they discarded their principles and turned on their fans, or “brand evangelists” as we like to call them in Adlandia. Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing: This is […]

Can You Say Brand Evangelism?

Positive Fanatics is a new blog about Ikea. Armand B. Frasco, the site’s author, writes: Welcome to Positive Fanatics – The Unofficial IKEA Web Journal. For most of us it starts with the catalog. Or a word overheard. The anticipation builds. Then the inevitable pilgrimage to the yellow-and-blue building. Wherever we heard it first, IKEA […]

Root On

Joy enjoying at Austin City Limits Festival Maine Root, maker of hand crafted all natural sodas, knows how to create passionate users of its product. And with the care they put it to their manufacturing process, it’s little wonder. We use Organic Evaporated Cane Juice to sweeten our sodas. This sweetness is made by passing […]

And Now For Our Visual Cliche Of The Day

VW brand evangelists will enjoy this photo set on Flick.

Return Of The Storytellers

Lewis Lazare loves him some good copy. Writing about Miller High Life’s new “World Series” spot from Wieden + Kennedy, he says: What is now apparent is that lushly evocative copywriting will be at the heart of this campaign as it recounts vivid moments in the lives of a variety of characters. Moments that also […]

Brand Evangelist Gets Scooped Up By Brand He Loves

According to ZD Net, Yahoo has acquired social events calendar site in an effort to expand its local-content offerings., now operating as a Yahoo company, lets people manage their social calendars, share information about upcoming events like local concerts and festivals, and post events calendars to their own Web sites. People can also […]

Dressing The Part At Sears

Chicago Sun Times: Some Sears salespeople may now dress in any color they want — as long they wear Sears clothes. Salespeople in apparel, jewelry and accessories departments can tear off those dull black or white pullovers and black or tan pants — which they could get from any store — and replace them with […]

Polly Want A Chupa Chup?

According to this site, brand evangelism does not stop at the human race. For yet another twist, see this iconic cowboy enjoying his sucker.