Migrating To Mac

I just read one of the funniest blog posts ever. It’s about the PC to Mac conversion experience. From Que Sera Sera: This upgrade was a long time coming, a mixture of two parts being poor and one part being lazy, but the switch to the Mac was something else altogether. I had an iMac […]

One Lego In Front Of The Other

TechEBlog is showcasing the 10 strangest creations made with Lego building blocks. I don’t believe there is an organization, nor any brand sponsorship behind this collection. Not that it’s needed. After all, brands belong to the customer. It’s at that level where meaning is most effectively made.

What’s A Man To Do?

I wonder if the mucky mucks at Avon read Beauty Dish, “true underground adventures of an Avon lady.” If they read it today they’ll see that men have a hard time navigating Avon.com. My Turkish friend, Ulak, called me early this morning. “Birdie! I need more of that cologne!” His voice sounded husky, swollen with […]

Let Your Brand Flag Fly

If you’re a forum user with a passion for a certain brand, UserBars.com might be able to hook you up. [via Adverlab]

Hecho En Mexico

Cultural anthropologist, Grant McCracken, on Hispanic American’s preference for Coca-Cola made in Mexico: You might think that The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) would embrace this development. After all, Classic sales are down %10 (since 2000) and the TCCC’s share of the industry is at an eight-year low. Consumers are so passionate about “hecho en Mexico” Coke […]

Obsolescence Hurts

We all know Apple has brand evangelists like no other consumer goods company on earth. Which makes this poor guy’s cries all the more poignant, or pitiful. Take your pick. Hello, I purchased a new Powerbook three weeks ago. It was working fine until a few hours ago when you announced the new Intel-powered MacBook […]

Product Love Tazmanian Tasmanian Style

People love their cars. So, it’s only natural that our ill treatment of Saab and their sorry advertising would raise the ire in Saab’s most devout brand evangelists. Here’s what Swade, a.k.a. Steve Wade, a Saab lover from from Tazmania Tasmania has to say about us: What a bunch of self-important, egomaniacal bufoons! What a […]

Sneaker Love At Ladykickz.com

[via PSFK]