Uprising Attempts To Capture Movement Marketing In A Fast-Paced World


Back in 2008 on this blog, David wrote two separate articles, here and here, on StrawberryFrog and its founder Scott Goodson’s notion of creating “cultural movements.” I didn’t think to check the AdPulp archives until I made my way through a copy of Goodson’s new book, Uprising: How to Build A Brand And Change The […]

Go Mobile Makes Sense Of The Medium We’re All Scrambling To Understand


If you read a lot of marketing advice these days, then you’ve seen the word “mobile” used as the key to the future – much the way “plastics” was in The Graduate. But for those businesses and brands that can’t quite grasp the mobile world, Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner offer a good overview in […]

The Art Of The Pitch Aims To Help You Get Ahead


What’s the difference between a talented ad executive and a talented and successful ad executive? Often times, the successful one knows how to present. While many people are lamenting the pervasiveness of spec creative, or the futility of the pitch process, Peter Coughter argues the case for successful presentation and pitching skills in The Art […]

Get Your Instant Fix Of “View From The Cheap Seats”


I’m happy to announce the Kindle version of my book is now available for just $2.99! That’s about 3 cents a column. If you have an iPad with the Kindle App, it’s an instant download for you, too. Thanks for your support, and have a Merry Christmas. Share

Brand Against The Machine Shows You How To Get Control Again


I’m not quite sure what it means when you call yourself “The Chuck Norris of Branding,” as John Morgan does. But if you’re looking for a dose of marketing knowledge laced with a bit of aggression, you’ll find it in his book, Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing […]

It’s A Book. It’s An App. It’s Do or Die And It’s Innovative.


It took me nearly a year to finally get my book ready to publish on Amazon, so it was interesting to hear the backstory behind Do or Die, the new app/e-book/something by Clark Kokich, the Chairman of Razorfish. Co-written with Larry Asher of Worker Bees, Do or Die looks at the way advertising and marketing […]

Hopefully The End Of Business As Usual Won’t Have The Usual Readers


I always get a little suspicious when I hear someone proclaim “The End Of…” something related to marketing. See here. And there’s nothing subtle about the title of Brian Solis’ new book, The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work To Succeed In the Consumer Revolution. While other folks do a better […]

Choose a Media Diet That’s Full of Both Nutrition and Junk


Like a lot of people, I easily get sucked into the vortex of media consumption that is so readily available on the web. But am I helping myself? What’s the proper media diet for an advertising professional? Don’t forget: advertising relies on knowledge of lowbrow culture just as much as anything that’s considered classic literature […]

Madboy Could Be The Last Big Advertising Memoir. We’ll See.

Kirshenbaum_Madboy_Final (1)

If you’re a student of advertising history, then you know that at one time (in the late 80’s and early 90’s) Richard Kirshenbaum was a bit of an enfant terrible in the industry. His story, and that of his agency Kirshenbaum & Bond, is recounted in Madboy: My Journey From Adboy to Adman. This is […]

A BeanCast, And A Book

A couple of items of self-promotion, if you’ll allow me the privilege. First, I had the great opportunity to make a repeat appearance on this week’s BeanCast, which also featured: Steve Hall of AdRants, Kristi Faulkner of NYC’s Womenkind, Jim Hopkinson of The Hopkinson Report, and of course, show host Bob Knorpp. We got into […]