Lovely Sentiments Masquerading As Sales Pitches Fired Out of AdPulp’s Cannon

Comment spam comes in a variety of flavors. In fact, it often comes in an alphabet that I can’t read. But this morning, I received an extra special comment that I can read. I want to share with you now. Isn’t that nice? It almost makes me want to leave it on AdPulp for all […]

Should We Continue AdPulp Forever? Yes But No But Yes.

I didn’t realize it until today, but YesButNoButYes stopped updating last spring. The site’s founder and editor, Scaramouch, says that “you’ll probably never make money blogging, so only do it if you love it.” YBNBY regularly got up to 500,000 visits a month, but most months made less than $1000. Scaramouch, who has a day […]

Brands Are Well Positioned To Offer Valuable Content, But Will They?

Six in ten U.S. Internet users will be reading blogs by 2014. Yet, Read Write Web wonders if the people reading blogs today bother to make the distinction. What, after all, is a blog? To further muddy the editorial waters, Forbes is now offering to create blogs for brands. Ad Age reports: The pitch is […]

Run The Numbers

Chris Brogan, blogger, speaker and President of “Boston’s Premier Social Marketing Agency,” lets math help guide his business decisions. Yes, that stuff you endured in high school has real value. I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking something I’m doing is really worthwhile, until I look at the number value of the things I’m […]

Ben Huh Is Laughing Out Loud

Ben Huh, founder Cheezeburger Network told The Chicago Tribune, “We’re trying to make the world happy for five minutes a day.” Turns out that’s an excellent business plan. Huh’s network of sites reaches some 10 million Americans monthly and his Seattle company now has more than 40 employees. Huh attended Northwestern University’s Medill School of […]

Talking Shop With Bill And Angela Of AdVerve

I had a great time on Tuesday talking to Bill Green and Angela Natavidad of AdVerve, a podcast about advertising and marketing. I’ve appeared on several shows of late, but this one turned out really well, at least to my ears. Bill, Angela and I covered a lot of ground in a short period of […]

Radio Personality, Bob Knorpp On Camera. Yes, He’s A Longhair!

As you may know from previous reports here, Humongo Nation is an annual tour by Connecticut-based agency, Humongo. The team travels around in a Ford Flex and stops in to see various ad people along their route. People like BeanCast host, Bob Knorpp, in Greensboro, NC. Knorpp breaks some interesting news in his segment, which […]

Repetitive Reporting Motion May Cause Dull Pains

Last Sunday, The New York Times addressed burnout among online content producers today. I’ve been producing online content every day for almost six years now, so it’s a subject I’m familiar with. Such is the state of the media business these days: frantic and fatigued. Young journalists who once dreamed of trotting the globe in […]

As A Writer, You Want Other Writers As Readers

I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but it can be weird on this side of the screen sometimes, not knowing who’s out there or who really cares. I think that’s one of the great things about being a musician or stage actor–musicians and stage actors play live and get a visceral reaction from […]

Work Hard, Laugh Hard

I don’t know where Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger finds the advertising he finds, but I do enjoy the results of his research. Check out these spots from Duluth Trading Co…