Unnatural Growth Seen At Gas Stations Nation Wide

Gas Station TV

Gas Station TV is offering a delivery guarantee for any advertising program purchased from now until June 30, 2011. During the advertiser’s campaign, GSTV will offer a five-time “makegood” – versus the typical industry standard one-time makegood for any impressions not delivered. To help get the word out about the promotion, GSTV created a print […]

Goodbye Administaff. Hello Insperity.

I guess being a “temp staffing” firm isn’t as sexy as “business performance advising.” Introducing Insperity. And who better to pitch it than that paragon of business knowledge, sportscaster Jim Nantz. Does a name like “Insperity” inspire you? Seems very non-descriptive to me. Or maybe that’s the point.

A Subtle “Buy American” Message

A couple of months ago, I watched the HBO documentary Schmatta, a history of the garment industry in New York. In it, they pointed out that in 1965, 95% of the clothing sold in America was made in America. In 2005, that was 5%. I think it’s shameful. Admittedly, my clothing purchases don’t help the […]

Print Ad For A Print Machine

We don’t give enough attention to B2B advertising in these pages. I’ve always liked B2B because the challenges are often much harder. For instance, if you’re selling beer, the value proposition is well defined. But what if you’re selling a million dollar piece of farm equipment, or a Label/Writer Printer, as the case may be? […]

Small Businesses Have Money To Spend

According to Financial Times, small businesses in the U.S. continue to spend on advertising, but media companies are missing the boat by not catering to this growing market segment. Spending on business to business media by companies employing more than 1,000 people will fall in total by 9.7 per cent this year, according to Outsell, […]

Dark Skies? Fly Through Them!

According to Ad Age, Cessna sees its planes as “productivity tools.” You know, like Power Point.