The CA Advertising Annual arrived on my doorstep the other night. I recall how much I used to look forward to pouring poring over of the industry’s finest work displayed therein. For me, those days are gone. I’m not exactly sure what happened. I guess I finally let go of the idea that I would […]

Send Your Five Spot To Kalamazoo

Dean Gemmell has seen enough fancy schmancy self-congratualtion fests. He and his cohorts at Black Lab Five in lovely south central Michigan have whipped up their own damn award show, and it’s decidedly Pabst Blue Ribbon. Or should I say, Iron City? I’ve grown so weary of all the crap award shows. And embarrassed because […]

Pinch Me

High Jive brings attention to this horrid controversial call for entries from The Art Directors Club. Damn. What’s up with the advertising business? Advertising Week and the Effies promoted events with sexist imagery. Now an allegedly prestigious organization goes for cheap racial laughs. An industry that has traditionally excluded Blacks shamelessly bites the culture without […]

Back To Basics Builds Business

Sullivan Higdon & Sink (the “We Hate Sheep” people from K.C.) got into this year’s CA Design Annual for their Shatto Milk Co. package design. We at Shatto Milk Company have decided to provide our milk primarily in glass bottles. The reasons for this decision are very simple. First, the glass bottle tends to keep […]

Interesting Interactive

I renewed my subscription to Communication Arts recently and the Interactive Annual 11 arrived today. I’m struck by how far this media environment has come in such short time. Aiwa’s winning entry There are 38 winners in five categories–advertising, business, entertainment, information design and self-promo. Maybe blogs could be added to the list for next […]

Valuable Munitions Material

You know what? Awards are important. They’re good at attracting top talent, getting us some well deserved press and, if smelted down, providing the government with valuable munitions material. We have San Francisco agency, Venables Bell, to thank for the above wisdom. Share

And The Winner Of The AdPulp Print Grand Prix…


Seems Like Everyone’s, Uh, Hanging Out At Cannes This Year

Check out Ad Age’s photo diary from Cannes. But if you’re looking for diversity, you won’t likely find it in this crop of photos. Cannes just seems like a haven for middle-aged white people. Seriously, though, are the so-called “leaders” of the ad industry too far removed from the real audiences of ads? Would any […]

A Grand Prix Can’t Hide The Flaws In The Recording Industry’s Thinking

According to Ad Age, TBWA/Paris Boulogne-Billancourt reinforced its already strong reputation as a hotbed of creativity in the Canes Lions print category by winning the Grand Prix for a beautiful and compelling campaign against music piracy for client EMI. Share

Apparently There’s Something Important Going On

Carlton Beach, Cannes, France. Share