Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble.

You may have heard that current and former Fallon creatives are melting down their precious hardware. According to Creativity, the award show statues will be made into a nameplate for the new office Fallon moves into next month. “We think it’s a cool alternative to filling a lobby with a shelf to showcase awards,” said […]

Where The Rainbow Ends

TBWA/Vancouver won a Bronze Clio for this outdoor board. While I’d love to see outdoor advertising vanish from the earth, we may as well do something fun with it until that post-apocalyptic day comes. Share

Ralph Steadman at High Noon in Miami Today

Jack Mello of the Clio Awards alerted me this morning to the list of winners in this, the 49th year, of said gala. As I poked around the ftp site looking at work, I encountered something unexpected–no, not a wicked print campaign, Ralph Steadman. Turns out the artist is appearing today at noon in the […]

Awards Get You To Charlotte

At least they’re honest about it. This ad on says it all: BOONEOAKLEY – Young, fun, award-winning ad agency in Charlotte, NC seeks talented, award-winning art director/copywriter team. We’ve set the bar high for our agency. So we’re setting the bar high for our applicants: UNLESS YOUR WORK HAS BEEN IN “CA” ADVERTISING ANNUAL […]

Idealism Is Not A Bad Word

I like the idea of a Humanitarian Lion, and I know many ad people want to do meaningful work, if only to wipe away the stench. What say you, would you, or the agency you work for, take part in something like this? Would your clients? Share

Webby Awards Emerging With The Industry

Winners in The 12th annual Webby Awards competition have been determined. With nearly 70 categories, Web Site entries make up the majority of Webby Awards Winners, Nominees and Honorees. According to the Webby Awards, “Some are beautiful to look at and interact with. Others are a testament to usability and functionality. And a handful excel […]

Is A Fake Ad That Calls Itself Out, Still A Fake? Put Another Way, Is It A One Show Winner?

[via Ernie Schenck] Share

From Fake Award-Winning Ads To Fake Award-Winning People

This is nuts. From Brand Republic: Roger Makak (pictured), the creative ranked number one in Campaign Brief Asia’s recently released rankings, has been exposed as a work of fiction created by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore. Speaking to Media, Campaign Brief Asia publisher Kim Shaw said: “From our point of view we’re disappointed that this agency […]

Mega Marketers Are Betting On Oscar Sunday

This year, the advertisers are better known than the movies. -L.A. Times For brands looking to persuade a mass audience, tomorrow night, “Oscar Sunday,” is prime time. General Motors, MasterCard, American Express Co., JC Penney Co. Inc., Coca-Cola Co., Mars Inc.’s M&M candies, McDonald’s Corp., L’Oreal and others all ponied up $1.8 million to ABC […]

Tootie Pie Toots Its Own Horn

Who says clients don’t care about awards? I came across this press release for the Tootie Pie Company: The Tootie Pie Company, Inc., a premium baker and seller of high-quality, handmade pie, announces that its product packaging was awarded a 2008 Gold ADDY® by the San Antonio Advertising Federation. This top award qualifies the packaging […]