Miami Expresses Itself As A Hot Destination

My buddy True pointed me to the new “Miami Expressions” campaign, which is an attempt to rebrand the city as a place where people from all walks of life can express themselves through the arts, fashion, and other cultural activities. Artists from Miami are featured in the campaign. But more significantly, the website for Miami […]

Send Better Ads Right Over is sponsoring Obama in 30 Seconds, a contest for its members. I’m not sure I totally buy the implied message or ending of this (and I’m an Obama supporter), but I really like this spot: Very, very clever.

Fake Ads That Really Matter

Over at, you can dive into The 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of All Time. Granted, most of them are from Saturday Night Live, but there are some others, too. What’s your favorite?

What Gandhi Can Teach Us About Advertising

That’s a headline you don’t see every day. From MyNews in India: Most people picture Mahatma Gandhi as some gentle, fragile man who people followed because he was just so peaceful. Gandhi wasn’t an idle peacenik; he was a perceptive communicator who would have been right at home in today’s ad industry. But the truth […]

Shoes of Merit Only

Bad Banana went leafing through a 1923 yearbook from UC Berkeley, thanks to the digital offerings of Learning to Share. I’m glad he did, because it’s startling (and instructive) to see just how different the world was 85 years ago. It’s not just media that’s changed, but culture itself. Can you imagine a Berkeley man […]

Kia Decides There’s Just Nothing Funny About Millard Fillmore

Boy, is this a weird story. After two major Kia executives depart comes a possible reason for their departures, from Ad Age: The 13th U.S. president was central to Kia’s upcoming “Unheard of President’s Day Sale,” honoring, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, the first commander in chief to have running water in the White House. The punchline […]

Chasing A Moving Target

If you watched any of last night’s election coverage, you’ve probably figured out that voters are completely unpredictable. And beyond that, this year the conventional wisdom regarding race, gender, age, and religion just can’t be applied to this election cycle. Since voters are consumers, and ad agencies are in the business of trying to figure […]

A Super Lesson, Revisited

Once again, we are headed toward Super Bowl Sunday. And once again, the two head coaches of the Giants and Patriots, who are leading their teams to the NFL’s premier contest, have themselves never played a day of professional football. Is there a lesson in the advertising industry can learn from this? I think so. […]

Quick, Find The Proofreader

Ad Age readers were quick to spot the typo in the next-to-last line of Fallon’s new ad for Look, typos happen. Very often, the fast nature of advertising, particularly online, leads to slips like this. No one’s perfect, least of all me. But when you’re sending out copies of a new ad for PR […]

Who Needs Creative Arts When There’s So Much Data Available?

The Kaiser is lamenting the state of creative affairs today. If you work in the creative department of an advertising agency in 2008 you will be hard pushed to find either a member of your team who can remember the old process or somebody who can handle a pencil and can draw – but I […]