Is Advertising Too Emotional?

Leslie Picot-Zane, who runs a brand consultancy called “The Center For Emotional Marketing,” explores that question in this week’s Brandweek. This is worth a read. Here’s a snippet: One of the classic agency arguments against product information is that it renders the advertising dull and lifeless and gets in the way of the movie they […]

Will Clydesdales And Talking Chimps Look Good On HDTV?

Today’s USA Today notes that nearly half the ads on this year’s Super Bowl will be filmed in high-definition. But even with all the HD hype, there are still obstacles. Depending on the filming and post-production techniques, the ads can cost up to 15% more to produce. And in HD, flaws are also supersharp. “In […]

European Stylings

Ben Popken unearthed a treasure trove of branded European posters from early- to mid-century. Somehow, I can’t imagine much of the work we see today holding up this well, or transforming itself into something someone somewhere might call art.

Daddy Starbux Helps Struggling Artists In Their Midst

Lewis Lazare picked up on this Starbucks press release: As much as the coffee itself, the employees who serve it are what make the Starbucks experience unique. In an attempt to help customers better understand the real people who wear the Starbucks aprons, the company installed an elaborate multiscreen video wall at its 932 N. […]

Tom Messner’s Reading List

Tom Messner is a partner at Euro RSCG, and apparently he’s got a lot of time on his hands. Writing in Adweek this week, he plans to spend the next 2 months “reading and possibly absorbing as many of the available marketing books as inhumanly possible.” Here’s his list, divided into the “Old Testament” and […]

Durham Rockers Repeat As Champs

Adfreak reports Pants, the house band from McKinney + Silver won the Fluid Battle of Ad Bands III last night in NYC. “There’s no winning and losing in rock,” Alex Bogusky told us moments before the Crispin Porter + Bogusky band, Ironic Trucker Hat, took the stage at the Supper Club last night. And when […]

We All Need Brand Camp

For 79 more wickedly insightful marketing ‘toons from this artist, visit Tom Fishburne’s

Mr. Bill Knew What Would Happen To New Orleans

Yes. THIS Mr. Bill… In 2004, he appeared in a number of PSA’s designed to inform New Orleans citizens about the importance of protecting our wetlands. Click here. Watch “Hurricane Sluggo.” (I think you need Windows Media Player to watch it). Walter Williams, Mr. Bill’s creator, is a native of New Orleans, I believe. I’m […]

The Poetics Of Corruption, A.K.A. Ad Copy

One of America’s great poets—James Dickey—worked in advertising. From 1956 to 1959 he was as a copywriter for McCann-Erickson in New York. He then worked for agencies in Atlanta until 1961, before being rescued by a Guggeheim Fellowship. Dickey liked to say he was “selling his soul to the devil in the daytime and buying […]

Let’s Debate Internet Explorer’s Handling Of MIME Types