Then We Came To The End: An All-Too-Real Novel

I have a backlog of books I’ve been wanting to read, so I’ll add this one to the list: Then We Came To The End: A Novel by Joshua Ferris, a former Chicago copywriter, is described as this: In this wildly funny debut from former ad man Ferris, a group of copywriters and designers at […]

Hugh Strikes Again

[UPDATE] AME Info looks at one such buzzword. “Engagement continues to be the hottest buzzword in advertising. Everyone wants a piece of it. Or better yet, to own it.”

Doing Wieden’s Work For Them

30gms, the design blog from London design practice Fibre, looks at the work of Insa, a London graffiti artist.

Have New Money? Buy Old Advertising

Bally, 1968 35.5″ x 50″ $680

Righting the Writing

I’ve been contributing to AdPulp for almost two years now, and most of the time, I post things so hastily I’ll usually have to go back and fix an error or two. Such is the world we live in, always pressed for time. As a result, I’m noticing more careless writing in the world. And […]

PC Isn’t OK With Left And Right

When I first heard about the ad below, created by the right-wing Move America Forward organization, I was reminded of this poster, created for the relatively liberal Bill Maher’s book When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden. YouTube is clearly demonstrating an ability to get all sorts of issues out to the public. […]

Creator Director/Currator Presents Work By Photojournalist/Anthropologist

Saddam Mania by Teun Voeten is a complex and challenging photo exhibit of images of Iraq’s former leader that carves out new unexplored territory at the intersection of art and journalism. The exhibit is curated by Sharoz Makarechi, founder and creative director of Think Tank 3, Modern Day Think-Shop. This is the first exhibit by […]

JWT Attempts A Bold Move By Interviewing A Ford Critic

Over at The Truth About Cars, editor Robert Farago talks about his trip to JWT’s New York office to discuss Ford’s “Bold Moves” Internet-based efforts. As soon as our chat commenced, I discovered that “transparency” was the name of JWT’s game. My bright eyed and tie-less adtagonist wanted to know if I– or anyone else– […]

Chevy TV Spot Overreaches, But Interactive Looks Sharp

Slate doesn’t like the new Chevy TV spot, and I tend to agree that it overreaches. Chevy’s ad tries to draw a parallel between historic moments in American history, such as Vietnam and Katrina, and the Chevy Silverdao, “America’s truck.” Aside from a rather suspect concept and a lukewarm execution, the ad makes me wonder […]

It’s A Podcast. Or A Hadjcast, If You Will.

Longtime AdPulp readers know that I’m a big admirer of Hadji Williams and his book Knock The Hustle. So when Hadji came to town in June to attend a networking conference, I asked him if he’d agree to appear on a special podcast in which we could talk about the book, his experiences, and recent […]