Chasing News, Chasing Dollars

Business Insider was just given $7 million dollars from venture capitalists and a hard time by Felix Salmon of Reuters. Salmon is a financial journalist, and his nose is out of joint because he feels Business Insider is lifting a bit too much from AP and other sources. When media companies are asked to grow […]

Been There, Blogged That

First Vaynerchuk, now Romensko. Poynter Institute’s human news aggregator, Jim Romenesko, has announced his semi-retirement from the grind of daily content production. “For media beat reporters, it’s tough to imagine Romenesko not curating the day’s media news,” says Huffington Post writer, Michael Calderone. “I went back and forth to renewing (my contract), not renewing,” the […]

Information Is Overly Abundant; Hence, The Value Of Curation is a new curation platform that I signed up for this morning. Now I just need to pick a specific topic or two and start curating in yet another venue, but one that will integrate with my blogs and social channels. Martin Bryant of TheNextWeb says: Curation is a busy area right now. Startups […]

Borrowing, By Definition, Means Giving Back


All’s fair in love and aggregation. Uh, not exactly. Recently, Ad Age writer Simon Dumenco cried foul when he was over-aggregated by a HuffPo “writer,” who has since been dismissed. Reflecting on the scene, Lewis DVorkin, Chief Product Officer of Forbes Media, offers a good explanation for value-added aggregation. …the trick to rewarding aggregation for […]

The Story With Storify

Lewis DVorkin of Forbes is excited about Storify, a new service that makes it easy for journalists and others to search, grab and assemble content snippets from the Cloud. [View the story “Social Startups Take It To The Bank In Series Of High Priced IPOs” on Storify] Storify’s co-founder, Xavier Damman, says, “Smartphones and social […]

Like A Baton, I Hand You This Story

Maria Popova of Brain Pickings has some interesting things to say about content curation. Finding a way to acknowledge content curation and information discovery (or, better, the new term we invent for these fluffy placeholders) as a form of creative labor, and to codify this acknowledgement, is the next frontier in how we think about […]

Slow News Is Well-Reported News

Bill Keller, 62, is a reporter by trade. Today, he’s Executive Editor at The New York Times, nevertheless, he identifies as a reporter. This Sunday, the Time’s Magazine will carry an article by Keller on the state of journalism, false celebrity and the artlessness of aggregation. The piece is also an open attack on Arianna […]

One Smart Read, With An Emphasis On One

The Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog reports that Ongo, a news-aggregation service backed by the New York Times Co., Washington Post Co. and Gannett Co. went live on Tuesday morning. But will consumers pay to have otherwise free news neatly packaged in a single place? Ongo charges $6.99 per month for access to the New […]

Holding Company Aggregates Its Social Elements — Seeks More In The Sum

Euro RSCG Worldwide has officially launched Euro RSCG Social, a new cross-discipline, cross-leadership social media arm of the global agency network. “We put digital at the core of our agencies globally back in 2005. Today we’re probably doing more in the social media space than any other agency globally and this move simply groups all […]

The Orginal Aggregator Expands Its Offerings

Reader’s Digest is a monthly general-interest family magazine co-founded in 1922 by Lila Bell Wallace and DeWitt Wallace. For many years, Reader’s Digest was the best-selling consumer magazine in the United States, losing that distinction in 2009 to Better Homes and Gardens. According to Wikipedia, Reader’s Digest reaches more readers with household incomes of $100,000+ […]